A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Lately I have been working more and more with the imagery of the subconscious mind. I love working this way! For those of you who are more visual this is perfect. If you are more auditory or kinaesthetic then you can focus more on the sounds or feelings.

You can try working this way yourself. Bring to mind an issue you’d like to work on. Rate your issue in the usual way (o – 10 intensity). Now close your eyes and tune it to the issue and ask yourself if there is an image that represents this issue. Or you could ask what would that issue look like? Just let the image come to you. It probably won’t make much logical sense. That doesn’t matter – your subconscious mind works directly with these images.

If it is a physical pain or feeling you are working on you could ask what colour is that pain? What size or shape is it? Build up the picture as much as you can. Then you can either use this image directly in your tapping or tap on the issue itself and check how the picture changes as you progress. Typically what happens is that the picture changes as you clear out the emotions.

For example, a recent image I had was a hard red plastic wall stuck in front of me. I could just about see through it. I tapped on:

  • Even though I have this hard red plastic wall stuck in front of me, I still love and accept myself anyway
  • Even though this fear is like a hard red plastic wall in front of me, I know that right now, I’m ok
  • Even though I feel all this fear and I can see it stuck in front of me like a hard red plastic wall, I completely accept all of my feelings about this

I tapped through the points interchanging the imagery words with the feelings. At the end of my session my image had changed quite significantly. The hard red plastic wall had changed into a soft red sheet which was further away from and blowing gently in the breeze. I also felt the fear had gone and there were some other emotions left for me to work on.

You can also use the imagery less directly too. A client of mine felt her problems were like this really tall tower that she wanted to climb but didn’t know how to. It had vertical sides which were slippery and it seemed impossible to climb. We didn’t work with this image directly but at the end of each session we check in with her tower to see how it is changing. The sides became less slippery, footholds appeared and she was now equipped with climbing gear. Gradually her tower is changing and she can now see a way to the top.

Impossible Tower

This is a such a wonderful way to work where you can see the changes happening right before your eyes!

Hope you have fun with this!

Keep tapping
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