Testimonials – Feedback From Clients


A sample of testimonials and feedback I have received from my clients.

Client Testimonials and Feedback
Client Testimonials and Feedback

“My favourite part of the day was mindful walking. l felt relaxed noting my steps and breathing, which l haven’t done before.” – JP, Mindfulness Retreat Attendee

“A lot of love, thought and effort goes into doing the meditation practices. It is always well presented. Thank you Louise.” – AH, Mindfulness Class Client

I wouldn’t change a thing, for me it was just perfect.” – KM, Mindfulness Retreat Attendee

“I have had EFT (Tapping) with Louise via Skype for a few weeks now and she has helped me with my worries and anxiety. She is brilliant and really listening and understanding, she patiently worked through my issues and then sent me follow up emails covering everything that we had talked about and tapped on so that I could go back to it and practice whenever I wanted to. I highly recommend Louise and EFT ” – AD, EFT Skype Client

“Recently had a session of Crystal Healing with Louise which was amazing. Went in feeling stressed and off-centre, but by the end of the session I felt as if I’d ‘come home’. Really lovely, relaxing and enriching. Definitely recommend!” – SM, Therapist – Crystal Therapy Client

My original reason for approaching you was to help me improve my focus in life – instead of completing tasks, I would try to do several things at once and never complete any of them… resulting in bad sleep and chronic low-level stress.

Specific Changes:
It’s now “ok” for me to leave tasks until I have time to start them – and to discuss priorities with people when I’m asked to do “too much” at the same time. This now gives me a much more satisfied feeling when tasks are completed and I look forward to starting the next one

Why I would recommend:
I found our sessions were great. You helped me by asking thoughtful and empathic, but challenging questions which helped me to deal with all the underlying issues. We tapped together and worked through the issues – and just as importantly, you taught me how to do the tapping myself, so after our sessions I could help myself in case anything else came up between sessions. Thanks.”  – RS, IT Engineer – EFT Client

“Louise proved to be a great therapist; one that could not only empathise easily to both myself and the problems of every day life but who was also very sincere and patient.”– Phil, IT Manager – Reiki Client

“When I first heard of EFT I was a little sceptical and couldn’t imagine how it could ever help me. However after just one session with Louise my anxiety decreased instantly…..now my panic attacks have stopped altogether!” C – EFT Client

“Since I’ve started my work with Louise my life has changed for the better. Louise has helped me to make positive changes that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve learned that life is full of complications and negative experiences but I’ve also learnt that we have a choice as to how we deal with them.” – Jo, Teacher – EFT & Reiki Client

“I recently experienced an unexpected traumatic event that brought up a lot of painful issues from my past. Louise helped me tune in to these issues and literally drain this “old poison” out of my system. After my second session I couldn’t believe how different I felt which this gave me a positive basis to move forwards with my life. Louise has a very instinctive way of making you feel comfortable and supported during sessions and follows up afterwards to make sure you are ok.” – AM – EFT Client

“Absolute bliss! Wonderfully relaxing and fascinating findings! The first of many, I hope.” Jane – Crystal Therapy Client

“Louise is a very gifted EFT practitioner. She is warm, intuitive and highly professional. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of help. Very impressed!” – Munni, Social Worker – EFT Client

“Slept like a log last night. Reiki must have helped. ” – DC – Reiki Client

“I felt completely exhausted and stressed out but after my crystal treatment I felt full of energy, more positive and totally relaxed”. – KB, Nursery Nurse – Crystal Therapy Client

“I am now planning things, rather than avoiding things, which I haven’t felt able to do for many months, and this is probably indicative of the level of success that I’ve achieved – with your help.” – Patricia – EFT Client

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