Many Paths to Healing

People often say they don’t know where to start when working with their issues. They don’t know what to say or feel so overwhelmed that they can’t even begin. Well firstly you can tap for your overwhelm and I’ve written about this before. There are no “right” words and again I’ve addressed that subject previously.  What I want to emphasise today is that we never really know where we’re going to go when we start tapping. We can start on one issue and it can lead us somewhere entirely different.  There are many paths or doorways to our healing.

This happened to me today. I started tapping on one issue and it led me somewhere entirely different. It never ceases to amaze me when this happens 🙂  I love it when we just organically follow where the tapping takes us. I learnt new insights and found new things to tap on. Great! It all helps me on my healing journey. So don’t worry about where to start or what words to use. Just start tapping and follow where it leads.

Paths to healing
Paths to healing

Keep tapping

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we have negative thoughts. We know we’re not “supposed” to have them. We can get upset when we have them, we judge them, judge ourselves, beat ourselves up and generally carry on the negative cycle some more. I have been doing some tapping on this lately. I found myself having lots of negative thoughts. I would create negative scenarios in my mind and image bad things happening. I recognised this was going on in myself and that I was judging and criticising myself too. Enough already!

So you guessed it – I tapped. I actually had help from my EFT buddy with this as I felt it was a “biggie” for me. So we tapped on:

  • The negative thoughts
  • Judgements
  • Criticism
  • Not “supposed” to have them

After awhile I could feel my body relax. I could feel more kindness towards myself. I could appreciate that part of me was trying to keep me safe. I realised that thinking these thoughts wasn’t all bad…feeling safe is important to me. If that helps me avoid dangerous situations that is a good thing.

I also realised I was creating choices for myself. I could choose how to react. I could acknowledge the negative thought, thank myself for thinking it and then let it go. I didn’t “have” to judge or criticise myself. I felt so much better after the tapping. Since then, the negative thoughts have decreased. I know that when they happen again I won’t be so hard on myself next time. 🙂

Keep tapping

Allowing Yourself To Rant

I recently blogged about ranting. I felt like a rant today. So I took myself off on my walk in nature. This I find very restorative in itself. I added my finger tapping as I walked and then just ranted. I did this quietly in my mind as I was outside. But I didn’t hold back or stop myself – I just allowed all my rants out, tapping all the while. It felt so good 🙂

So often we let our inner critic or judge stop us from letting all our thoughts and emotions out because we “shouldn’t think that” etc. This doesn’t help us let our emotions flow though.

Here’s some tapping ideas to help you let your emotions flow and have a good rant!

  • Even though I’m judging myself, I choose to let all my emotions flow anyway
  • Even though I criticise myself for having certain thoughts/emotions, what if I could accept them and let them flow
  • Even though I don’t allow myself to have a rant when I need to, I’m open to this changing
  • Even though I don’t allow my emotions to flow and judge them, I’m willing to let them flow

Rant away & keep tapping of course 🙂


What Does Your Body Need?

I was tapping with a client recently who was working with a pain in her body. I had her imagine shining a light inside her shoulder and asked her what she saw. We then tapped on what she saw and she related that she had also had a dream involving a similar image in the past. I found that fascinating and we tapped on the emotions & images that came up around that.

Tapping on the physical symptoms can help but in my experience it pays to listen to your body and the message it is trying to give you.  So try asking:

  • What does my body need?
  • What is this body part trying to tell me?
  • What emotion(s) are in my body part?
  • When did this pain start? What happened at that time? e.g. accident/stressful event
  • Is there a past trauma stuck in my body/body part?

Write down whatever comes up and tap on that.  Keep tuning in to your body and asking it what it needs now? Keep listening to your body and tap on all aspects until they are all at zero.

It is always best to work with a practitioner for complex issues like trauma, so that you get the support you need.

Keep tapping

Keeping Notes

When we work with EFT our emotions, thoughts etc are often changed for the better. Our stress and anxiety is reduced, our body feels better and it is sometimes hard to believe we ever had a problem. The reason we take note of the intensity of the issue is to keep a track of the problem and ensure we are making progress.

I advise my clients to make some notes too.

EFT - Write a list
Write a list of what you tapped on

It doesn’t have to be a long journal. It could be as simple as the following:

  • Original emotions and their intensity
  • All the aspects
  • Main tapping statements
  • Intensity levels as they change
  • Insights/Learnings

Just jot them down as a list or a mind map. This can be really helpful to look back and see how far you have come.  We all have times where an issue seems too much or overwhelming and it can be helpful to remember we have made progress in the past. Of course, if you do get stuck please be sure to get some help from a qualified EFT Practitioner.

I hope you find this useful.

Keep tapping

Switch Twitch

My fiancé came across a song awhile ago which had some lyrics that relate to EFT or Tapping as it is often known.  I thought I’d share their poignancy with you.

“Switch Twitch” by Fluke:

It’s time to begin,
start out over again,
what you is, what you been,
forget everything.
All the love that you made,
all the joy and the pain,
all the anger and hate,
rewind and erase.
Turn it on, listen in, turn it on, listen in.
Protect and survive,
you’re better alive,
take a step to the side,
relax and revive.
Turn it on, listen in, turn it on, listen in.
It’s easy to change,
go out and get a new name,
forget yesterday.
Tap your troubles away.
Tap your troubles away. Tap your troubles away.

(Highlights mine)

EFT definitely does allow us to tap our troubles away and make easy changes 🙂

Keep tapping

How to Deal with Upsetting News

As a highly sensitive person I am deeply affected by the news. I am very empathetic and often feel moved to tears by the news. In the past I had a problem with this – I thought I was “wrong” and needed to toughen up. You can read more about how tapping can help you if you are highly sensitive person here.

Now I accept it as is. I still get upset by the news but not that I am upset by it. Often we feel upset and powerless to do anything about the situation. Whilst we may not physically be able to help a situation thousands of miles away I believe we can help energetically.

Firstly tap on your own emotions about the upsetting news, e.g.

  • Even though I feel so sad seeing all the horrific devastation in Oklahoma, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I feel so sad and upset about those poor people who lost their lives in Bangladesh when that factory collapsed, I love and accept myself

Keep tapping on all the emotions you feel, e.g. sadness, anger, frustration, powerlessness etc.

When you feel calm and in a better space then you can focus your energy and send some healing thoughts to those affected. You can tap as you do this or sit quietly in a meditative state.  Focus on sending calm, peaceful thoughts and support to those people. Send them your love and healing. If you believe in God/Angels etc then call upon them for help. Send your positive thoughts to all those people who are helping – e.g. volunteers, aid workers, service personnel etc. Send those people the strength to cope with all they need to do to help in the situation.  Surround the area affected with love and light, knowing this will help everyone involved.

You might like to end with some gratitude for everything you have in your life.  Again you can do this silently or whilst tapping.

I hope you have found this useful.  I certainly have.

Keep tapping

Depression Awareness Week

It is Depression Awareness Week this week (15th – 21st April 2013). You can find out more at

Depression Awareness Week

I find it sad that in this day and age depression is still a taboo subject for many. Many people just don’t understand depression and cannot empathize with those who are depressed. If you break your leg people can understand that and see that your body needs time to heal itself. With depression there is often no outward sign and many people don’t want to talk about it for fear of being labeled, misunderstood or ridiculed.

Those suffering from depression cannot just “pull themselves together” or “snap out of it” (as much as they’d like to be able to). The Depression Alliance offers some great advice about what things you can say and do to help people with depression.  If you think you may be depressed yourself, there is great advice about where to get help.

Many things can help with depression e.g. diet, exercise and relaxation as well as antidepressant medication (as prescribed by your Doctor). EFT can help with depression. It is best to work with a practitioner with issues like depression as it can be difficult working by yourself. If you are on medication your practitioner should advise you to continue taking it and refer to your Doctor if you want to make any changes.

To learn more about depression, please check out the Depression Alliance website.

Keep tapping

Start Your Day the Tappy Way

Want your day to start out better? A great way to achieve this is to tap first thing in the morning. Your tapping can be about the things you know you have to do that day & any concerns/worries/stress you have about that. E.g.

  • Even though I’m worried because I have that important meeting today…
  • Even though I’m stressed with my work load and today is going to be manic…
  • Even though I’m anxious about doing…

You get the idea. Think about your day & tap on anything that is bothering you.

Once you’ve tapped on all that “stuff” you might like to try tapping in some positives. E.g.

  • Even though I’m doing X today, I choose to stay calm
  • Even though I’ve got a busy day, I can get it all done easily
  • Even though I’m stressed about my workload, maybe I can feel calmer and still get it done

If you’d like some help, just drop me an email.

Happy tapping

Tapping World Summit 2013

Last Chance (Learn About EFT for Free)

I just wanted to send two “last chance” reminders that I highly recommend taking action on…

First off, the 5th annual, 2013 Tapping World Summit starts in just 3 days, which means that this is your last chance to register for this 100% free on-line event before it starts.

I posted what some of the attendees from the previous 4 summits had to say about this event on the bottom of this email, so that you can see for yourself just how life-changing this event really is…

To register for this event right now just go here:

Secondly, there is a phenomenal upgrade option for the 2013 Tapping World Summit,
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And this year, since there was such amazing feedback on the pre-event video series which featured Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Nick Ortner…

The producers of the event decided to make the three pre-event videos, along with
the remaining 10 videos in the Tapping World Summit Video Series, available as a special pre-event bonus for all those who upgrade before the event starts on February 4th.

So this is a last chance reminder that if you want to own the entire 14 videos in the series, which include over 8 hours of streaming or downloadable video with experts Nick Ortner, Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, Kris Carr, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Carol Tuttle and Dawson Church, you need to make sure to take action right away.

The best part of this is that since there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee there is zero risk involved in upgrading today.

And if you do decide to ask for a refund (unlikely that you’ll want to once you listen to the information) then you’ll still get to keep the amazing video and audio bonuses.

To get more details on the event, the upgrade bonuses and the limited time pre-event video bonuses, just click on the link below:

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I hope you decide to take advantage of the limited time video bonuses and upgrade before the event starts.

The Tapping World Summit upgrade options alone are ridiculous values (the platinum upgrade comes with 23 CD’s, a 200 page workbook, transcripts, and 10 audio bonuses) and when you add on these great video bonuses, upgrading becomes a no brainer…

Just so you know, over 210,000 new people have already registered for this massive online event in the last  2 weeks!

EFT is a one-of-a-kind technique that creates life-altering results for those who use it…

Enjoy the event.  I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

Louise Woods

P.S. – Here is some of the feedback from previous year’s summits, just to give you an idea of what people think about this event…

“What a wonderful ten days!  I need to tap on withdrawals from missing the interviews.
“Jessica was a fabulous interviewer, asking just what I wanted to know at the right time.” -Suzanne Wright – Oregon,USA

“I hope you guys can somehow hear the thunderous applause that is surely circling the
world for you right now.  This was a DYNAMITE event, and this grand finale with Jessica today was just fantastic. You guys are the absolute best, you have given phenomenal gifts here with each presentation, and may you receive a thousand
blessings in return. EFT has never come alive for me the way you’ve made it do in these last ten days. I am very, very grateful, and yes, I will keep tapping and will tell you what lights come on, what doors open in the coming months.”
~With much love, Natasha Suter – Ithaca, New York

“This trip has been amazing. I am so thankful that you gave me the opportunity to be a part of this, and I will continue to tap – and maybe take an education in EFT later on.  Fantastic.  A few weeks ago I tapped on hip pain, and it disappeared within a couple of minutes!!

“Every session have been useful to me, and I will look more into it (I have written it all down) when I finish my education in September. Jessica’s 40 day tapping challenge will be done. Her “mystery bonus audio” was a special experience.  It helped me see a lot of experiences/feelings to tap on.” ~ Merete – Bodo, Norway

“OMG! That summit was amazing! I just wanted to say thank you, thank you! I knew
about EFT from when I was in LA but I now know so much more and I had ah-ha moments almost everyday! especially the one series about Highly Sensitive People – which I found out I am and have been beating myself up about it forever!  Now I know how to tap for it and realize its a blessing to be so connected to my feelings and intuition!

“I loved, loved, loved the whole series! you are so kind to put all of this information out
there and for free- I know this is huge for me and for the world! I can sense huge changes a-brewing! I kinda miss it already! Tell Jessica I am doing the 40 day challenge… this is exciting…who knows where I will be in 40 days!
Thank you again!”~ Love, Christine en route to New York City, NY USA

The Art of Listening

I refer to listening to yourself. To what you need. To what your body needs.

Think back…when was the last time you really listened?

Taking time out to listen to what your body needs is important. We can stay much healthier and feel much better when we do listen.

Today I listened to my body and chose to go for  a walk instead of a run. My body certainly knew it was the right choice. I also got to experience a feeling of calm, peace and tranquility. I really drank in all the colours of the leaves in the forest. I heard the birds, the wind and the water in the stream. It was a delight for my senses that I know I would have missed if I had been running. So maybe my body was telling me that was what I needed right then.

I felt deeply connected to mother nature on my walk. I’m glad I listened.

If you have trouble listening to yourself, here are tapping statements that you can try:

  • I find it hard to listen to my needs
  • I always put other people’s needs first
  • I don’t make the time to listen to myself
  • I feel selfish if I listen to my needs
  • I feel selfish if I do things just for me
  • I don’t deserve to listen to my needs
  • I’ve lost the art of listening to my needs
  • I’m always at the bottom of the pile
  • I feel guilty listening to my needs

Keep tapping on whatever comes up for you. Listening to your needs is important so be persistent 🙂

Keep tapping

Get Physical

The other day I had one of those days… I was constantly interrupted and hassled by colleagues, the phone didn’t stop ringing and I couldn’t seem to get a minutes peace to concentrate on the task I was doing. By the end of the day my head was pounding and I felt really stressed.

I finger tapped all the way home – which is an hour-long drive. By the time I got home I felt much better. I could have tapped some more when I got home but I really felt like I needed to do something more physical. So I decided to dig out my boxercise DVD and punch and shout my remaining stress and frustration out.

Get Physical

It was superb! There is nothing like moving your body and releasing in this way. It was really physical which is exactly what my body was telling me I needed. As I punched  and yelled along I could feel myself relaxing and letting go of the day I’d had.

Sometimes you just have to move your body to release your stuck energy. This was one of those times & I’m so grateful I listened to what my body needed. By the end of the workout I felt fantastic & much lighter.

You can get more physical using EFT too. Try standing up or walking around as you tap. Try shouting and yelling to release your anger, stress or frustration. After tapping several rounds try tapping using the flat of your palm all over your body – up and down your arms, torso and legs. Try shaking your hands, arms, legs and feet after tapping to release any stuck energy. Do whatever feels right to you.

I often finger tap whilst walking or running.  I love being out in the fresh air and feeling my energy start to flow better.

Most importantly – listen to what your body needs. Many of us spend long hours stuck at a desk or driving. Moving our body is natural and important for our energy to flow freely. Remember to get physical and move it, move it, move it! 🙂

Keep tapping

How to Get Over the Stress of Health Anxiety

Guest Blog

How to Get Over the Stress of Health Anxiety

Google is a valuable tool, but Google has also caused the development of a serious problem for those that have been living with anxiety symptoms: severe health anxiety.

Health anxiety has always been a thing. It’s something that affects many people living with anxiety or panic attacks (especially panic attacks), because the symptoms of anxiety can feel so severe that many people struggle to believe that they’re anxiety related.

But what’s made it worse is the ability to Google symptoms. The biggest problem is not just hypochondria in the traditional sense – people aren’t necessarily looking up diseases and psychosomatically causing the symptoms of those diseases. Rather, severe anxiety can cause physical symptoms that genuinely resemble some very serious health problems, the most common being:

  • MS
  • Brain Tumors
  • Heart Failure/Attack

It’s possible that symptoms mimic other diseases as well, like lime disease or some type of tumor. But those three health issues have nearly identical symptoms to anxiety, and so many people that suffer from anxiety eventually convince themselves that they have one of these disorders.

That can create some severe health anxiety, and severe health anxiety leads to even more physical symptoms. It’s not uncommon to find those living with health anxiety spending most of every day thinking about their health.

Stopping the Cycle of Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can be very hard to turn off. Seeing your doctor is step one. Remember, your doctor has seen people with MS, brain tumors, and heart attacks. If they’re worried, they’ll order tests. If they’re not worried, they won’t.

Trust your doctor. If they don’t order a CT scan, chances are it’s because they’ve seen people with MS and brain tumors and your issues seem like anxiety. It’s easy to tell yourself “they didn’t check, so it’s still there” but doctors are trained to look for medically serious issues, and if they’re not worried, you shouldn’t be either.

Your next steps are to try each of the following:

  • Start Exercising – This is incredibly important. Exercise is a profound stress reduction tool, and it will give you the opportunity to focus on your health more so that you will worry about it less in the future. Exercising releases endorphins which reduce anxiety, and the more you are dedicated to your health, the less you’ll be bothered with health stress.
  • Participate in Anxiety Forums – There are several valuable anxiety forums filled with people that dealt with your exact same thoughts. Participating in those forums can be a lifesaver, as many of them will share how their stories are exactly like yours and how they were finally able to accept that they have anxiety.
  • Learn About Health Anxiety – Did you know that you can suffer from severe anxiety physical symptoms even when know anxiety is present? One of the main contributors to health anxiety is how hard it is to believe that the frightening symptoms you experience are caused by anxiety.

Anxiety treatments need to focus on two things: Coming to the realization that it’s highly unlikely that you have any health problem, and realizing that you need to stop concerning yourself with your health.

The latter is another issues that those with health anxiety need to realize: You probably don’t have MS, or a brain tumor, or a serious heart condition (especially if the doctor has ruled them out). But you could get them tomorrow, because anyone can get them at any time. The question you need to ask yourself is: if tomorrow you did get a serious health problem, do you want to look back at your past and realize that you spent all your time worrying about your health?

Your goal is to live a happy life. Those with health anxiety need to realize that every day spent obsessing over their health is a day wasted in the event they did have a health problem. As long as you’re exercising, eating healthy, and going to the doctor for regular checkups, you’re doing everything you can. Learn to spend the rest of your time in a way that makes you happy.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera’s severe panic attack symptoms caused him significant health anxiety. He now writes on a website about anxiety at

Thanks for a wonderful article Ryan – some great tips there.

Find out how EFT can help with anxiety/panic attacks.

Persistence Pays

“Progress results from persistence with purpose” — Frank Tyger

I had a client the other day who said that she would be willing to try EFT but that she had tried it in the past and it hadn’t worked. After a bit of questioning it turns out that she had only tried EFT for a few minutes and didn’t get any results so she gave up! That really frustrates me! (Maybe I need to tap on that!) There are so many videos and testimonials of 1 minute wonders that people think their issue should be fixed in a minute or a few. Whilst 1 minute wonders do occur most people need to tap for a lot longer than that. FYI – most practitioners sessions last an hour. Most people need several sessions to work through their issue(s).

We aren’t all the same and just because 1 person resolved their fear of flying in a minute doesn’t mean ours will be resolved as quickly or easily. It is probably worth tapping on the fact that you feel your issue should be resolved quickly. Feeling like a failure if your issue didn’t get resolved quickly is not going to help you or your issue!

Then set yourself a decent amount of time (like an hour) to work on your issue in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Write down your SUDS level (intensity) and the main aspects of your issue and keep tapping through all the aspects. If you haven’t finished on the issue at the end of your issue, then write yourself some notes on what you tapped on and what you feel is left. Then commit to further sessions to fully resolve it. You may feel like you need some help from a friend or practitioner to help you get to the core of your issue.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” — Benjamin Franklin

Remember that persistence is often the key – keep tapping on all the different aspects until you have completely resolved your issue.

Keep tapping
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Silence is Golden – Tapping Without Words

One of the most common things clients struggle with EFT is how to find the “right” words to use. Well there are no “right” words as I have written about in the past. In fact, we can tap without using any words at all.

This happened in a client session recently. The client was playing back certain memories in their head. I was tapping on their hand, allowing them to be fully present on the memory and feelings going on for them. Intuitively I knew that me asking them to start saying words would bring them out of their memory. So I just gently kept tapping and focusing on breathing.

After awhile I felt that they had reached a place where I could check in with them. I reassured the client that just focusing on the memory whilst I was tapping was just perfect in that moment. I was then able to question the client to check how the emotions were feeling now.

The session continued in this way until the client felt no more emotion and could play back the memory without feeling triggered in any way. So remember the words are just designed to help us stay tuned in the memory/emotion/pain etc. If you are right there in your memory/emotion/pain then you don’t need the words – keep focused on the sensations and keep tapping until you have completely resolved the issue.

The main things to remember about EFT are to be specific, focused and persistent!

Until next time!

Keep tapping
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