Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas indeed. I hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

Remember to tap if the tension starts to rise between family members or you find yourself having to try too hard to keep the peace or the kids get out of control!

Wishing you lots of love, peace & joy this Christmas and the year ahead.


I’ve Left It Too Late…Again!

I know you say it every year to yourself…next year I will start my Christmas shopping and preparation earlier. I’ve done it myself. Well sometimes things come up that you weren’t expecting or time just seems to fly by and before you know it Christmas is only 10 days away and there is still much to do! Stay calm.

Instead of getting stressed or having a flap, why not take some time out and do some tapping. Yes I know you’ve got a million and one other things to do…but 5 or 10 minutes can make a difference! You’ll feel better afterwards and probably be able to think clearer.

Rate your current stress level and then try tapping along with the following:

  • Even though I’ve left things too late again, I’m open to accepting myself anyway
  • Even though I’m feeling stressed because I didn’t start my shopping in time, I’m open to giving myself a break
  • Even though I’m so stressed because I’ve got far too much to do and not enough time, I’m ok

Eyebrow: I should’ve started earlier
Side of Eye: Why do I always leave it to the last-minute
Under Eye: It makes me so stressed every year
Under Nose: It’s so stressful why don’t I plan things better
Chin: I promised myself I’d start earlier this year
Collarbone: Why is it so hard for me to stick to my plans
Under Arm: It’s so stressful at this time of year
Top of Head: I don’t have enough time left to finish all my shopping and preparations

Eyebrow: I’m open to letting it be easier
Side of Eye: Maybe I can get it all done
Under Eye: Maybe if I plan things better, I’ll feel less stressed
Under Nose: What if I got some help
Chin: I can choose to feel different
Collarbone: Maybe I can feel calmer
Under Arm: What if I got myself better organised
Top of Head: I’m open to getting all my shopping done and staying calm

Remember to keep tapping until you feel better. Notice your stress level after the tapping. Focus on any particular aspects that are stressing you out. If it is all the Christmas cards you have to write then tap on that. If it is all the hustle and bustle at the shops that really stresses you out then focus on that. You get the idea – be more specific with your tapping.

I hope your Christmas preparations go well.

Keep tapping!
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Let the tears flow

Sometimes we face challenges that really push our buttons. We feel like we can’t take any more. I’ve had a week like that. My exhaust breaking was the final straw. I was so upset I burst into tears. Normally something like that would have just upset me a bit, but due to other challenges that are going on right now it pushed me over the edge.

We often hold on to our tears because it isn’t appropriate to cry at work or in public. Or we don’t want to appear weak, emotional or too sensitive etc.

EFT can help us let our emotions and tears flow. Try tapping along to the following:

  • Even though I can’t let myself cry because….{fill in the rest}
  • Even though I’ll seem weak if I cry….
  • Even though I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop crying if I start…..
  • Even though they’ll think I’m so emotional if I cry….
  • Even though they think I’m too sensitive because I cry all the time…
  • Even though I’ll appear to be an emotional wreck if I cry again….
  • Even though men don’t cry….

I certainly felt much better after a good cry and some tapping. It is great to be able to let our emotions out and much healthier than trying to suppress or ignore them. EFT can help us allow our emotions to flow and not to become overwhelmed by them. It can help us accept and acknowledge our feelings and not judge them.

Keep tapping and letting your emotions flow
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Benefits of Mentoring

For any therapist, one of the most important things we must do is self-development. We need to keep up to date with the latest techniques, develop our skills and connect with other like-minded people. Most professional bodies these days have a requirement for a certain amount of Continuous Professional Development points each year.

One of the ways I achieve my self development is via EFT mentoring days run by the lovely Jacqui Footman. These days are  fun and I always end up learning a great deal. It is a wonderful experience meeting like-minded people and sharing information and ideas. We have some wonderful discussions and do some great shared tapping. We discuss success stories or interesting cases. Sometimes we have a guest speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge on their specialist subject.

We also have the pleasure of sharing a wonderful lunch with informal chats and a chance to get to know everyone. These days really help my practice and I really look forward to the next one in January, where we will be learning all about EFT research techniques. This will give us the opportunity to take part in research ourselves and help even more people learn the benefits of this amazing technique.

For more information on Jacqui’s wonderful mentoring days, please check out her website:

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Find Your Inner Sanctuary

Where do you go when you want to get away from it all?

Where do you escape to when life gets too much?

Do you need to go to a physical place to get that sense of peace and quiet?

I used to love going to a particular beach and sit staring out at sea to contemplate life and think, when I needed that space. I no longer live right by the sea, so I have a particular spot in a park that I go to which is right by a river and some wonderful trees. For me whenever I feel I want to stop the world I feel I need to connect with nature. I feel being in nature I connect to my true self and can allow my thoughts to settle and gain some clarity and inner peace.

But we can also create this kind of space within us. We can create our own inner sanctuary where we can go when we need to escape at any time. It might be based on an actual place we have been or seen. Or we can be completely creative and create a space completely from our imagination.

What does the landscape of your inner sanctuary look like? Is it a beach, a lake, a river, a mountain or a desert? Or is it a city scene? Are there any other people around or you are alone? Are there birds or animals there?

You don’t even have to limit yourself to one sanctuary, you could have several depending on your mood and needs at the time you want to get away from it all. Or it could be one sanctuary where the seasons change the landscape around you.

The important thing is that you create a space where you feel calm and connected with yourself. A place where you can feel inner peace. A place where you can think and gain clarity. A place where you can go whenever you need to get away from it all. A place that is just yours.

inner sanctuary
inner sanctuary

Use this inner sanctuary at times of stress or anxiety. Use it whenever you feel overwhelmed by life and you need time alone. Use it when you need to make a decision or contemplate choices. Use it when you want to feel connected to yourself.

I love using my inner sanctuary to help me escape from the world and connect to myself.

I would love to hear about your experiences with your inner sanctuary.

Keep tapping
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Facing Procrastination

How many times have you procrastinated or put things off because you have dreaded doing them? Or just found that other things keep getting in the way and stopping you doing that one thing you must do today? In my experience whenever I have done  this, the thing I had to do has always been easier than I imagined it. Our imaginations are very good at creating the worst case scenario or making the task seem more difficult.

After the task is accomplished I often think that was easier than I though it would be. I’d imagined the task to be much more complicated, more time-consuming and to challenge me much more etc. The next time you find yourself putting something off, procrastinating or just outright avoiding doing something, ask yourself why?

Ask yourself if you have imagined it will take too long, be too complicated, cause you too much stress etc. Then do some gentle tapping to help you let go of these things your imagination is putting in the way of you completing your task.

Example tapping statements:

  • Even though I don’t have enough time to do this task, it’ll take way too long and demand too much of me, I accept my feelings anyway
  • Even though I’m procrastinating over this task, I choose to let go of all my worries and concerns about it
  • Even though I keep finding myself doing lots of other things instead of that one thing I know I really need to do, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I know I really should do that task, I feel far too stressed to actually start it right now and I’m willing to accept all my feelings about this
  • Even though my imagination has made this task into a monster, I choose to go easy on myself and trust I can do it

Remember to tap using your own words whenever possible. Really tune in to how you feel and why you keep putting your tasks off. Keep tapping until you feel all your fears, worries, doubts etc have gone and you feel ready to do your task.

You can use your imagination to imagine your task is now really easy to complete. But always tap away any fears, doubts, worries and stress first.

Keep tapping
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Just Breathe

Many people report that when they are upset, worried, scared, anxious etc they hold their breath. This is not something we do consciously but we often become aware of it after a little while. What we are less aware of is when we do it without realising it. We very often breathe too shallowly anyway and again most people aren’t aware of doing it. So a good practice to take up is to do some deep breathing every day.

Pick something that you will remember easily such as checking your breathing every time you go to the bathroom or answer the phone. Then just spend a minute or two focusing on your breathing. Breathing in and out slowly and deeply through your nose. Whenever you notice your breathing throughout your day, choose to breathe slowly and deeply.

Make it a habit to check your breath regularly throughout your day. This is an easy way to reduce stress and anxiety and increase our energy levels.

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It’s Too Painful

Have you ever felt too overwhelmed by your emotions? You feel like you can’t even admit to yourself that you have feelings about this situation because if you did they would all come flooding out and you just wouldn’t be able to cope.

When we feel this way we often stuff our emotions down because they feel too painful or overwhelming to deal with. But that can often lead to those feelings leaching out in other ways. Our shoulders become really tight and knotty, we have an ache in our stomach or we get bad headaches or migraines. This is our body’s way of telling us we need to deal with our feelings.

It can feel too scary to begin to address these feelings because we don’t want to feel out of control or overwhelmed by them. So firstly, please be very gentle with yourself.

You might find the following tapping helpful:

  • Even though it feels too painful to begin to deal with {this situation/these emotions}, I’m willing to be very gentle with myself
  • Even though I feel too overwhelmed by these emotions to begin dealing with them, I’m open to feeling safe and in control
  • Even though I can’t even admit to myself that I have these feelings, I’m willing to be kind and gentle with myself

Tap a few rounds of these type of statements until you feel calmer and more in control.  Then try:

  • Even though I know I’ve been suppressing all these emotions, I choose to be able to let them out slowly in a way I can handle
  • Even though my body has been holding these emotions for me, I choose to be able to calmly let them be heard now
  • Even though these emotions have felt too painful and I’ve been scared of being overwhelmed by them, I choose to allow them out in a safe way now

Once you feel calmer about being able to deal with the situation/emotions then you can start tapping on them. You don’t have to dive right in and start tapping on them straightaway. You can even start by using very generic tapping statements like:

  • Even though I have all these emotions, I accept myself and my feelings
  • Even though these emotions have been difficult to face, I’m ready to deal with them now

Keep tapping using these generic statements until you feel you are ready to be more specific and get into the emotions themselves. Remember you are in control and can stop anytime if they start to feel too painful or overwhelming. You can of course tap on the feelings being too overwhelming and painful again.

EFT can be very gentle if used in this way. EFT is not designed to help us tough it out and push us on when we don’t feel ready. It is there to help us feel we can deal with our emotions safely and at a rate we can handle.

Remember to keep breathing and drink plenty of water.

Keep tapping and be gentle with yourself.
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Take 5

With life rushing by us at such a hectic pace, it is hard to take time out. But we can all manage to find 5 minutes for ourselves in a day. What to do with that 5 minutes?

  • You can sit quietly and just breathe – watch your breath going in and out
  • You can tap several rounds on an issue that bothering you
  • You can just tap – don’t tune in to anything in particular and don’t say anything – just tap
  • You can tap in some positive affirmations
  • You can tap in some gratitude – speak out loud all the things you are grateful for

You see, you don’t need an hour. Most people would struggle to find that amount of time for themselves every day. Even the busiest of people can find 5 minutes a day.

Take 5
Take 5

I hope this encourages you to take some much-needed time for yourself. We all face so many pressures, demands and stress. It is so important to do something to combat that every day. Doing something that takes just 5 minutes is one way of ensuring we do something beneficial.

What suggestions do you have for doing something for yourself in just 5 minutes a day?

Keep tapping
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Keeping It Fruity

We all know that eating at least 5 a day helps us stay healthy. But what if we just don’t enjoy fruit or vegetables that much? What if we don’t naturally look for fruit when we are hungry & seek instead something sweet & chocolatey?

Keeping it fruity

Well there is hope! EFT can be very useful when it comes to helping us choose healthy foods. Generally chocolate and cakes etc give people some sort of comfort. You might like to look at what drives you to eat this kind of comfort food. You can use tapping to help you identify the triggers to this kind of eating.

In the meantime, here’s a tapping script that can help you choose to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

  • Even though I don’t naturally reach for fruit,  I’m open to accepting myself anyway
  • Even though I’d rather eat a chocolate bar than an apple, I’m ok
  • Even though I’m finding it hard to eat fruit and vegetables, I accept my feelings about this

Eyebrow: I just don’t think about eating fruit
Side of Eye: I’d rather eat a chocolate bar {or your comfort food}
Under Eye: I find it so hard to eat fruit and vegetables
Under Nose: It’s so easy to reach for a cake instead
Chin: I just don’t fancy eating fruit
Collarbone: Why is it so hard for me to eat healthily
Under Arm: It’s so hard to eat enough fruit and veg
Top of Head: I don’t naturally look for fruit to satisfy my hunger

Eyebrow: I’m open to letting it be easier
Side of Eye: Maybe I can enjoy fruit more
Under Eye: Maybe if I plan things better, I’ll enjoy eating fruit more
Under Nose: What if I started enjoying fruit more
Chin: I know I’d feel healthier if I ate more fruit
Collarbone: Maybe I can choose different fruit
Under Arm: What if I felt satisfied after eating some fruit
Top of Head: I wonder if I can enjoy fruit more

Repeat using your words where appropriate. Ask yourself some questions like:

What does chocolate {or insert your comfort food} do for me?

Why do I need to feel comforted by food?

What am I trying to comfort with food?

Remember to tap on any emotions that come up until you feel they have been fully addressed.  You can use the choices method to help you choose to eat more fruit and veg. E.g. Even though I still naturally choose other food, I choose to reach for fruit more often.

Keep tapping!

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Tapping With Kids

My friend recently asked me for some advice on how to tap with her daughter who is going through a rough patch at the moment. Naturally she is upset and needs help dealing with these funny emotions!

Here’s the advice I gave my friend:

Firstly tap on yourself if you feel in any way anxious or nervous or even silly about tapping with your child. Ensure you are calm and centered beforehand and use EFT to help you get there. This is very important!

When tapping with children always use age appropriate language. You don’t want them saying I deeply and completely accept myself or something similar which won’t mean anything to them!

Here are some example set up statements:

  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m still a good kid
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m a great kid
  • Even though {insert problem}, my Mummy and Daddy really love me
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m a clever girl/boy
  • Even though {insert problem}, it’s ok to have these feelings
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m safe and loved

You can use a cuddly toy to help your child tap. Tappy bear or magic buttons are two specially manufactured versions. Alternately, help your child make their own version, using one of their favourite toys by sewing on some buttons/putting stickers where the tapping points are.

You can either have your child help the toy as if the toy had the problem or have the toy help your child.  Either you or your child can tap on the toy. Have your child copy you tapping whether they are tapping themselves or the toy.

Working with the toy as the ‘client’ goes like this:

  • Even though {toy’s name} is upset because the teacher shouted at him for not sitting still, he is still a great {toy/kid}

Most children love to help their toy in this way. The child may then chip in with suggestions on what to tap on next and what else has upset the toy! This is a great way to work so that they lead it without feeling under any pressure.

You can also suggest tapping statements to the child:

  • Even though I’m upset because the teacher shouted at me for not sitting still, I’m still a good kid

Remember to tap gently, letting the child lead the pace.

It is useful to finish on some positives once the upset has been cleared.  Examples:

  • I’m a great kid
  • I always try my best
  • Mummy and Daddy love me
  • I’m safe and loved
  • I’m a clever kid
  • It’s ok to feel these feelings

Tapping before bed time is great way to ensure your child is calm and relaxed and able to have a good night’s sleep. They can just tap and talk about their day, or you can work together on anything specific that upset them that day.

Reassure them that tapping is a tool they can use when they feel upset. Tell them their toy is great at listening and helping them feel better.

If your child is too young to speak or explain how they feel then tune into them and use the words you would think they would use if they could speak. Tapping will still help them even if you don’t use any words at all. Just focusing on your love for them and tapping will help.

Keep tapping
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Tapping For Inspiration

Sometimes we feel stuck. We try to get started with projects but we just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing. So we procrastinate. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just admitted to ourselves that we were stuck? It is often hardest to admit things to ourselves though. EFT can help us acknowledge how we feel, accept it and then actually help change it too.

Start by acknowledging how you, e.g.

  • Even though I feel stuck, I still love & accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’ve been stuck for so long and I couldn’t admit it to myself because then I’d feel I have to do something about it, I’m still ok anyway
  • Even though I’m stuck and I just don’t know how to get started, my inspiration seems to have disappeared, I’m completely ok anyway

Use EFT on any blocks, fears etc that are making you feel stuck. When you feel you have cleared these issues then use EFT to help with the inspiration.

  • Even though my creative juices just aren’t flowing, I’m completely ok anyway
  • Even though my inspiration seems to have left me, I love and accept myself right now anyway
  • Even though I just don’t have any inspiring ideas right now, I’m ok
  • Even though I have no idea how to start this project, I’m open to finding my creativity today
  • Even though all my ideas seem to be no good, I’m open to letting my creative juices flow
  • Even though I can’t seem to find my inspiration, maybe I can let go of my expectations and just let the ideas flow

Keep tapping until you feel your blocks/resistances leaving and your inspiration returning.

This is something that can be repeated for different projects.  Different blocks may be stopping your inspiration and EFT can always help you identify and let these blocks go.

Keep tapping
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Sharing My Gratitude of EFT

I’d like to share my gratitude for EFT. EFT has really changed my life for the better. I know that any challenge I face does not have to overwhelm me or fill me with anxiety or fear. I can tap on it.

I know that when I feel a bit stressed, I can tap it away.

I know that when I feel upset or harassed or even right pissed off, I can tap on it.

I know that when I don’t feel like tapping, I can even tap on that too!

I’m grateful I have this amazing flexible tool at my fingertips anytime I need it.

I’m grateful I can tap away my fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, stress, sadness, pain etc.

I’m grateful that EFT allows me to really feel my feelings, to acknowledge them and accept them, without judgement.

I’m really grateful to have EFT in my life. I hope that you learn this amazing tool and use it for your benefit like I have.

Keep tapping
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I’m Highly Sensitive and that’s OK

Lately my clients have been people who are highly sensitive. I find I can relate to these clients very well as I am highly sensitive myself. I, like many sensitive folk found it hard growing up. I was told:

  • You’re too sensitive
  • Stop taking things so seriously
  • Toughen up
  • You should have thicker skin
  • Don’t take things to heart so much

I thought it was wrong to be so sensitive. I wasn’t “normal”.

This means that I grew up with this big stigma. I tried to play down my sensitive side. I would cry at movies my friends didn’t seem bothered by. I would always try & hide the fact that I had cried, unless one of my friends had cried too & then it would be “ok” for me to admit that I had cried too. I have even been known to cry at adverts but would not admit that to anyone!

I need time alone every day. That must mean I am some kind of freak surely! Ok, maybe it means that I’m ok when my partner goes away & I have to spend time alone. I enjoy my own company and relish this quiet time to myself.

I have done a lot of tapping about this and now realise that being highly sensitive is actually a good thing. Especially as an EFT practitioner. It makes me more empathetic. I understand my clients on a deep level.

If you are highly sensitive, then I suggest you do some tapping to help you come to terms with it and accept that it is actually a good thing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Even though I’m highly sensitive, maybe that’s ok
  • Even though I was always told to toughen up and get thicker skin, maybe I’m ok just the way I am
  • Even though I was always told I’m too sensitive and take things to heart too easily, what if this is a good thing for me
  • Even though I was always told not to be so sensitive and that spending time alone is wrong, what if everyone else is wrong and I know what I need

I cannot tell you how much better I felt after I worked on this.To feel ok in your own skin is so important!

Let me emphasise that again – to feel ok in your own skin is so important!

I feel so grateful that EFT allowed me to do this.

If you are highly sensitive then I suggest that you work with someone who really understands you and is highly sensitive themselves.

If you want to explore this issue yourself, Rue Hass, EFT Master has a wonderful website and book for Highly Sensitive People.

I cannot recommend working on this issue highly enough if you are highly sensitive.

Get tapping – you will feel so much more comfortable and ok with yourself if you work on this issue.

Keep tapping!
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