Fear of Leaving Home

When anxiety kicks in it can be easier to just stay at home. But what if that seems like all the time and eventually you start staying home more and more often? Leaving the house can seem like an overwhelming scary event.

If that sounds like you, here is a script that can help.

  • Even though I have all this anxiety and I just want to stay at home where I feel safe, I’m willing to accept myself anyway
  • Even though I have this fear of leaving the house, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m so scared and anxious when I leave my house, I’m open to accepting myself anyway

EB: I have this fear of leaving the house
SE: I hate feeling so scared
UE: I feel so overwhelmed when I have to leave the house
UN: I feel so scared when I leave my home
CH: I feel terrified when I leave my house
CB: I feel really anxious when I’m out of my house
UA: I’m scared of having a panic attack if I leave my house
TH: I feel so scared and anxious when I have to leave the house

EB: My palms sweat and I get really anxious
SE: I start to feel sick when I leave my house
UE: My stomach churns when I’m forced to go out
UN: It’s so much easier to just stay at home where I feel safe
CH: I feel so overwhelmed and scared when I have to go out
CB: I’ll have a panic attack if I leave home
UA: I feel so safe at home
TH: I feel comfortable, safe and in control at home

EB: I hate having this fear of leaving home
SE: It restricts my life
UE: I wish it was easier to leave my house
UN: I wish I could just go out without thinking about it
CH: I hate feeling so scared and overwhelmed
CB: I wish I could leave my house easily
UA: I hate having this restriction in my life
TH: I wish I didn’t have this all this fear

Keep tapping on all the different aspects about your fear and anxiety.  When you have tapped on all of them and start to feel calm then you can tap in some positives.  E.g.

  • It’s ok for me to leave my house
  • It’s safe for me to leave my home
  • It gets easier to go out every day
  • I can calmly leave my house

I hope this script helps. If you’d like a one to one session to help with your issue just drop me an email.
Keep tapping

How to Get Over the Stress of Health Anxiety

Guest Blog

How to Get Over the Stress of Health Anxiety

Google is a valuable tool, but Google has also caused the development of a serious problem for those that have been living with anxiety symptoms: severe health anxiety.

Health anxiety has always been a thing. It’s something that affects many people living with anxiety or panic attacks (especially panic attacks), because the symptoms of anxiety can feel so severe that many people struggle to believe that they’re anxiety related.

But what’s made it worse is the ability to Google symptoms. The biggest problem is not just hypochondria in the traditional sense – people aren’t necessarily looking up diseases and psychosomatically causing the symptoms of those diseases. Rather, severe anxiety can cause physical symptoms that genuinely resemble some very serious health problems, the most common being:

  • MS
  • Brain Tumors
  • Heart Failure/Attack

It’s possible that symptoms mimic other diseases as well, like lime disease or some type of tumor. But those three health issues have nearly identical symptoms to anxiety, and so many people that suffer from anxiety eventually convince themselves that they have one of these disorders.

That can create some severe health anxiety, and severe health anxiety leads to even more physical symptoms. It’s not uncommon to find those living with health anxiety spending most of every day thinking about their health.

Stopping the Cycle of Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can be very hard to turn off. Seeing your doctor is step one. Remember, your doctor has seen people with MS, brain tumors, and heart attacks. If they’re worried, they’ll order tests. If they’re not worried, they won’t.

Trust your doctor. If they don’t order a CT scan, chances are it’s because they’ve seen people with MS and brain tumors and your issues seem like anxiety. It’s easy to tell yourself “they didn’t check, so it’s still there” but doctors are trained to look for medically serious issues, and if they’re not worried, you shouldn’t be either.

Your next steps are to try each of the following:

  • Start Exercising – This is incredibly important. Exercise is a profound stress reduction tool, and it will give you the opportunity to focus on your health more so that you will worry about it less in the future. Exercising releases endorphins which reduce anxiety, and the more you are dedicated to your health, the less you’ll be bothered with health stress.
  • Participate in Anxiety Forums – There are several valuable anxiety forums filled with people that dealt with your exact same thoughts. Participating in those forums can be a lifesaver, as many of them will share how their stories are exactly like yours and how they were finally able to accept that they have anxiety.
  • Learn About Health Anxiety – Did you know that you can suffer from severe anxiety physical symptoms even when know anxiety is present? One of the main contributors to health anxiety is how hard it is to believe that the frightening symptoms you experience are caused by anxiety.

Anxiety treatments need to focus on two things: Coming to the realization that it’s highly unlikely that you have any health problem, and realizing that you need to stop concerning yourself with your health.

The latter is another issues that those with health anxiety need to realize: You probably don’t have MS, or a brain tumor, or a serious heart condition (especially if the doctor has ruled them out). But you could get them tomorrow, because anyone can get them at any time. The question you need to ask yourself is: if tomorrow you did get a serious health problem, do you want to look back at your past and realize that you spent all your time worrying about your health?

Your goal is to live a happy life. Those with health anxiety need to realize that every day spent obsessing over their health is a day wasted in the event they did have a health problem. As long as you’re exercising, eating healthy, and going to the doctor for regular checkups, you’re doing everything you can. Learn to spend the rest of your time in a way that makes you happy.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera’s severe panic attack symptoms caused him significant health anxiety. He now writes on a website about anxiety at calmclinic.com

Thanks for a wonderful article Ryan – some great tips there.

Find out how EFT can help with anxiety/panic attacks.

Tapping Away Anxiety

Anxiety feels awful. You know that thinking about it makes it worse. You dread the anxiety escalating into a panic attack. You end up worrying about having anxiety or having a panic attack. Which in itself can bring on an attack!

Then you start to avoid certain situations and spend more time at home because it is easier than going through all that anxiety.  The anxiety or worrying about the anxiety is very draining. It literally wears you out and you feel exhausted. Life becomes less enjoyable.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Learning EFT can really help you take control of your life again. You can use EFT to relax and calm your mind and body. You can reduce your symptoms e.g. fast beating heart, sweating, churning or knotty stomach, feeling sick, feeling like you will pass out etc. You can work on the triggers of your anxiety. This part is key. Working with a Practitioner can help you get to the underlying cause of the anxiety.

Figuring out when it started, what was going on in your life then etc. We can work very gently with any traumatic memories from your past with the movie technique. Working on these past memories helps clear out this stuck energy. Your body can then learn that it is safe now and let these symptoms go.

Tapping every day, helps restore calm and puts you back in control. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Even though I hate this anxiety and it feels so awful, I’m willing to accept myself anyway
  • Even though I hate feeling so sick because of this anxiety, I’m ok right now
  • Even though I can’t even go out for a meal without feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, I’m open to accepting myself anyway
  • Even though I shake like a leaf and my stomach churns in knots, every time I go out shopping, I love and accept myself anyway
  • Even though I worry about having a panic attack every time I have to go out and I feel so exhausted afterwards that I just want to lie down and go to sleep, I accept myself anyway

Tapping really can help as long as you are persistent and work on both your symptoms and the triggers that cause the anxiety. It is possible to enjoy life again and plan things that you avoided in the past.

Keep tapping

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