Online Sessions

Online / Distance Sessions

Online SessionsI offer online EFT, Mindfulness and Distance Reiki sessions worldwide*.

Thanks for your interest in working with me. I would love to help you 🙂

Thanks to the power of the internet, I have had the pleasure of working with clients in different parts of the UK and as far away as the USA & Japan. During the Covid-19 lockdown I have been able to continue seeing clients and run my Mindfulness Classes. Many of my clients have also benefited from Distance Reiki.

Prior to the session I will email you my guide. During the EFT or Mindfulness online session you will be guided through the procedure step by step, just like a face-to-face session.

* Please note – I am insured for all countries, including USA & Canada.

Benefits of an Online/Distance Session:

  • Relax in the comfort of your own home (you can be in your pj’s if you like! 🙂 )
  • Available during a Global pandemic!
  • No travelling expenses
  • No travelling time

I offer a free, confidential, consultation with no obligation. Just drop me an email to arrange a free chat to see how I can help you. I am ready to answer your questions or explain in more detail how I work.

Ready to book your session?

If you would like to book an online EFT, Mindfulness or Distance Reiki session, please email me. We will arrange your session at a mutually convenient time.

Prior to your session, I will send you all the details you need to ensure a you get the most of it. This will include checking you have a good internet connection, use a webcam and headphones and most importantly, are in a safe space where you won’t be disturbed.  We will use Zoom for EFT/Mindfulness sessions. For Distance Reiki I will email or call you after the session to discuss it with you.

I have conducted online sessions for over 10 years so have lots of experience  working this way.

I look forward to working with you.

Please note: Payment must be received prior to each session. Please go to the Book now page to pay.