Persistence Pays

“Progress results from persistence with purpose” — Frank Tyger

I had a client the other day who said that she would be willing to try EFT but that she had tried it in the past and it hadn’t worked. After a bit of questioning it turns out that she had only tried EFT for a few minutes and didn’t get any results so she gave up! That really frustrates me! (Maybe I need to tap on that!) There are so many videos and testimonials of 1 minute wonders that people think their issue should be fixed in a minute or a few. Whilst 1 minute wonders do occur most people need to tap for a lot longer than that. FYI – most practitioners sessions last an hour. Most people need several sessions to work through their issue(s).

We aren’t all the same and just because 1 person resolved their fear of flying in a minute doesn’t mean ours will be resolved as quickly or easily. It is probably worth tapping on the fact that you feel your issue should be resolved quickly. Feeling like a failure if your issue didn’t get resolved quickly is not going to help you or your issue!

Then set yourself a decent amount of time (like an hour) to work on your issue in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Write down your SUDS level (intensity) and the main aspects of your issue and keep tapping through all the aspects. If you haven’t finished on the issue at the end of your issue, then write yourself some notes on what you tapped on and what you feel is left. Then commit to further sessions to fully resolve it. You may feel like you need some help from a friend or practitioner to help you get to the core of your issue.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” — Benjamin Franklin

Remember that persistence is often the key – keep tapping on all the different aspects until you have completely resolved your issue.

Keep tapping
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Janey Lee Grace – Is an EFT Convert

Janey Lee Grace – author and Radio 2 presenter (Steve Wright’s afternoon show), is now an EFT convert too! Janey is an avid holistic and alternative therapy advocate. Her website provides a wealth of information on topics from natural health to EMFs.

Janey had experienced EFT in the past – in combination with other treatments and always thought it was the other therapies that worked not the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

That all changed when Janey attended an EFT Level 1 course. During the day she explored a traumatic experience from the past that resulted in a phobia. Janey discovered one of the most beneficial aspects of EFT – that you don’t actually have to reveal to the practitioner what that trauma or phobia is! EFT is a very gentle technique and limits any further trauma.

To read the article see Janey’s blog:

I look forward to hearing more of Janey’s journey with EFT!

Physical Healing equals believing…

There are plenty of sceptical people out there who don’t believe we have an energy system, let alone that something like EFT can actually heal us. One thing that does seem to convince even sceptical people is if they try it on a physical issue. Many people have been pleasantly surprised when their headache disappeared, or their back pain was dramatically reduced.

My response is – just try it…what have you got to lose? Only some time. There are plenty of free EFT manuals out there (if you want to download mine just sign up to my informative newsletter and it’s yours

Once you have the manual, you can try EFT for free in the comfort of your own home. My advice is to try it on something physical e.g. headache, back pain, cold etc. I wouldn’t recommend trying it on your long-standing illness on your own (get some help from a qualified practitioner!).

I have two recent experiences where EFT worked beautifully on physical issues. The first was an “unidentified” ulcer/cold sore on my lip. This appeared on Monday afternoon. I didn’t know what it was, but it looked like an ulcer on my lip – I suspected a cold sore but it wasn’t tingling and besides, I haven’t had one for about 20 years.  So I tapped on:

Even though this “thing” on my lip has appeared on my lip from nowhere, I accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this ulcer on my lower right lip, my body has a wonderful healing ability and can easily deal with this.

Even though this thing on my lip is hurting, I’m grateful for the amazing healing ability of my body.

Then I tapped on the rest of the points using phrases like:

  • My body can easily heal this
  • This thing on my lip is healing now
  • I have this amazing healing ability
  • My body is healthy and strong and can heal my lower right lip
  • I’m grateful for this thing on my lip and acknowledge my body for sending me this message
  • My lower right lip is healing beautifully

I tapped on this for several rounds a few times for 2 days. My lip is now completely healed.

The second was a case of first aid EFT. I accidently burnt my ring finger on my cooker. I felt stupid for doing it as I was cleaning a spillage on the hob and knew it was hot. Plus my finger really hurt. I ran it under some cold water for a few minutes then immediately tapped on:

Even though I feel real stupid for burning my finger on the hob, I accept myself and my stupidity

Even though this burn on my finger is really hurting and it was my fault, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself

Even though I had this accident and burned my finger, it shouldn’t have happened and it hurts like hell, I accept and forgive myself anyway.

Then I tapped on the remaining points using phrases like:

  • I was stupid and I burnt my finger
  • My ring finger really hurts
  • This burn on my right ring finger is hurting like hell
  • I didn’t do this on purpose but I do feel kinda stupid
  • This burn on my right ring finger knuckle
  • This red hot burn on my right ring knuckle
  • This red burning sensation on the knuckle of my right ring finger
  • My body has a wonderful healing ability
  • I can heal this quickly and easily
  • My pain is reducing and the redness is calming down
  • My wonderful body and it’s healing ability can deal with this
  • What if my body could easily heal this burn on my right ring finger
  • What if a big blister didn’t appear
  • Maybe my body can heal this burn on my finger easily

After a short time the pain had disappeared completely. The swelling went down and only a tiny flat blister appeared. I was expecting some pain when I bent my knuckle, as the burn was right on my knuckle. I could bend my finger no problem without any pain. Later, I was washing my hands in hot water and thought – still no pain! Wow! The next day I did a couple more rounds of my finger healing quickly and easily. I’ve had no pain since and there is only a tiny blister remaining. I love the healing power of EFT!

Some tips with physical issues:

  • Start with something simple not a major injury/illness
  • Be specific, e.g. burn on my right ring finger
  • Use any emotions associated with the pain, e.g. my stupid feeling
  • Use descriptive words encompassing things like any colour associated with the pain, whether there is any temperature, heaviness, tingling etc
  • Be persistent – don’t expect a one minute wonder – they do sometimes happen but most often you need persistence
  • Be ready to “chase the pain” as Gary Craig says – it may change sensation or move around your body – keep tapping as you follow it. It may move up & out or down further into your body
  • Get some help if you get stuck.

Keep on tapping!

My Gary Craig Article

Do you have people in your life who are sceptical about EFT? Would you like your family or friends to be more open about EFT?  My article about my sceptical Dad was featured in Gary Craig’s EFT Insights Newsletter on September 18th. 

Featured Article #1: Louise’s sceptical dad warmed up to EFT:  Do you have a friend or relative that is sceptical about EFT? Read this article by Louise Woods from the UK and discover how she handled the problem. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

I have been an EFT practitioner for about 3 years now. Previously I was a software engineer and had a successful career. After many years of stress and feeling there had to be more to life I took the plunge and started practising as a complementary therapist. I met a lot of resistance from my family when I changed careers. I think that they thought I had “lost the plot”!

Over the years they have come to accept that I’m not going to go back to doing a “normal” job. My Dad in particular has been quite sceptical about all that I do. In the last couple of years he has had angina and had to have an operation to fit a stent in one of his arteries.

Luckily this was successful and he has been feeling much better. He is however on both cholesterol and blood pressure tablets. I really thought that EFT could benefit my Dad and knew he was very sceptical and unlikely to try it.

A couple of months ago I thought I’d show my parents an EFT film and see what happened. After watching it, my Dad asked me “is there anyone in the UK who does this?”. Both my Mum and I commented that I do EFT and that he has clearly not taken notice of what I do! (I’ve since done some EFT on myself for the issues that raised!). I then spent some time showing him how to do EFT and suggested some tapping wording to get him started. These were along the lines of:

Even though I have this high blood pressure…
Even though my blood pressure is too high, I choose for it to return to a normal healthy level…
Even though I don’t like taking these blood pressure tablets…

I really didn’t think he would go through with and that he was just humouring me. But I thought at least I’ve tried.

I’m pleased to say that I was wrong. He started out tapping every day on his high blood pressure. My Mum commented that he seemed a bit less stressed. I then spoke to him a few weeks later and he reported that he was not tapping on his blood pressure anymore but that he was tapping on his temper! I was gobsmacked!

He has a very quick temper and really doesn’t handle stress well at all. I knew this was more like the core issue of his physical manifestations but wanted to tread carefully around his apologises. He has been tapping regularly since. The other day my Mum asked me what have I done to my Dad!

He is a now a lot calmer, his temper is much better and he even apologizes if he does lose it! If he starts losing his temper my Mum now says “tap, tap” and he does! His blood pressure has also come down. He has even started telling other people about EFT now. What a transformation! I’m going to encourage him to keep tapping on a regular basis and suggest he start looking at some childhood issues. I feel I have opened a door in my sceptical Dad. EFT is such an amazing tool, I love it. Thank you Gary, for sharing it with us.

In deepest gratitude,

Louise Woods

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