Navigating Change

This past year has been challenging to say the least! We have all had many changes thrust upon us. Changes most of us would never have chosen ourselves. The changes keep on coming and we have to adapt. If we resist we can feel even more anxious and stressed. Some changes are harder to accept than others. We can feel stuck and worry about what we can and can’t do.

I would highly recommend regular EFT or Tapping. During these uncertain times I have found myself tapping more and more to cope with all the changes. I find changes unsettling at the best of times – even when they are changes I want to make! If you find changes challenging then it is really important to acknowledge this and do something to help yourself.

Here’s some of the words I have used in my tapping. You might find them useful too:

  • Even though I can’t keep up with all these changes, I accept my feelings anyway
  • Even though I have had enough of covid and all these changes, I accept myself
  • Even though I’m not sure what I am allowed to do any more, I acknowledge how I feel
  • Even though it’s so confusing with all these different rules in different areas of the country, I’m ok
  • Even though I want to get back to normal, it’s still feeling very different and I love and accept myself
  • Even though I’m frustrated with all these constant changes, I accept myself
  • Even though I find changes really hard, I’m doing my best and I’m ok

If any of these resonate, then do some full tapping rounds on see what comes up for you. Tap any time you feel anxious, stressed or triggered by a change. (If you’re not sure how, check out my instructions here).

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

Eckhart Tolle

I am looking forward to less changes being forced upon me and having more autonomy again. In the meantime I will keep tapping and practising my self-care. This includes daily meditation, energy work (Qi Gong / Reiki / Donna Eden’s daily energy routine) as well as tapping.

I find walking in nature to be very comforting and grounding too. Changes happen all the time in nature but at a pace that I find more acceptable! I love to stop and notice things that we can easily miss when we are walking faster or are distracted. Today I paused under a favourite oak tree and noticed the moss on the bark and the insects going about their business. I naturally took some slower deeper breaths and felt so much better.

Mossy oak

I am really grateful that I can get out into nature every day. Even if you live in the city, you can find nature in a window box, park or even some herbs on your window cill. I hope you find the time to connect with nature in some way. It can be so helpful slowing down our pace, disconnecting us from technology and bringing us to the present moment.

“Practice the art of patience for nature never acts in haste.”

Og Mandino

If you are struggling with all the changes then do drop me an email and I would love to help you.

Stay safe.

Put a Spring in Your Step

Spring is here and the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the nights are shorter. What’s not to like? Here’s my top tips for getting a spring back in your step!

Get Outside

Reconnect with Mother Nature and spend some time outdoors. You might not have been outdoors much during winter due to the cold and the rain, so it’s a great time to start spending more time outdoors. With the longer days it’s easier to do as well as we have more daylight. So take a walk during your lunch break or as soon as you get home. It’s a great way to clear your head, improve your mood and burn some calories too!

  • Walk at lunchtime
  • Get off the bus or train a stop early
  • Do some gardening (great to tidy it up after the winter)
  • Meditate outside (wrap a blanket around you if it’s still a bit chilly)
  • Watch the spring lambs in the fields
Spring lambs

Spleen Thump

This only takes about 15 seconds to complete. Benefits:

  • Increases your energy levels
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Balances your blood chemistry
  • Helps you metabolize food

To find the spleen neurolymphatic points: In line with your nipples, straight beneath your breasts and down over the next rib.

Tap firmly with several fingers for about 15 seconds. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this every day to keep your energy flowing.

Spring Clean

Finally, it’s a great time to have a good spring clean! There’s nothing like clearing out old clutter and unused things from your house. Increase your feel-good factor by creating some bags for charity e.g. old winter clothes you haven’t worn, books you’ve finished reading.

Once you’ve sorted out your clutter, then you can give your house a good spring clean. Open the windows and let lots of lovely fresh air in. Bring some spring flowers in to brighten up the place – other flowers apart from daffodils are available (apparently!) 🙂

Daffodils on my table

I hope you feel full of the joys of spring after these tips.


Happy New Year 2018

Happy new year. Wishing you a year that is filled with joy, peace and love.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2018

I hope that you have had a great Christmas. To start the new year off the right way, I recommend holding off on certain new year resolutions. We are mid winter and that is not a great time to start making changes to our diet or exercise regimes.

The days are still dark and short, it’s cold and wet and nature is hibernating. So tune in to nature and rest your body as much as it needs. Include lots of self care after the indulgence of Christmas. It’s easy to over-do it over Christmas so cut back on the over-indulgence and you’ll start to feel better.

Spring is a much easier time for us to start more exercise or change our diet. The earth starts to wake up with new life and our energy levels rise. So don’t go against the flow of nature and instead work with her.

So practice self care and look after yourself instead of beating yourself for not making lots of resolutions!

Take care

Happy 2015

Happy New Year…a little late perhaps. But I would genuinely like to wish you all the very best for 2015. Have you set resolutions and dropped them already?

Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2015

That’s why I choose not to set resolutions myself. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the resolutions buzz and then not really commit to them. Some people make loads of resolutions and then give up simply because it’s not practical to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit and find a new job all at the same time! Too many changes all at once spell disaster.

If you really want to change your life, in my opinion you need to do it gradually. Here are my top 5 tips:

  • Commit to the change
  • Be accountable (your friend, family, colleagues or coach can help you with this)
  • Take baby steps
  • Use #EFT to eliminate your fears, blocks etc
  • Celebrate small milestones along the way

If you would like some help making changes this year, then I am here to help. I offer 121 sessions in Exeter and Tavistock in Devon and Skype sessions worldwide.

Keep tapping & I wish you a truly happy, healthy and successful 2015.

3 Easy Ways to Change

 “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”

Arnold Bennett

Change is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, change will happen. We can either resist it, fear it or flow with it. The latter is much easier. But it is not always that easy to do.

Autumn colours changing
Autumn colours changing

We all resist change at certain times because it can be hard. Especially when it’s a change we don’t want.

So how do we flow with it more easily?

Firstly notice the resistance you feel about this change. Notice where you feel that resistance in your body and tap on that. E.g.

  • Even though I feel this dark churning resistance to change in my stomach, I accept myself and my feelings anyway
  • Even though I really want things to stay the same…
  • Even though I hate change and always resist it…

Secondly, tap on any fears you have about the change, e.g.

  • Even though my heart is pounding at the thought of this change, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel all this change fear in my chest, I choose to accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel so scared about this change, I deeply & completely accept myself

Finally, once you have cleared your fears and resistance to change, tap on the possibility of this change being easy, e.g.

  • Even though I’ve feared and resisted this change, what if it will actually be ok
  • Even though I’ve dreaded this change, I’m open to the possibility of this change being easy
  • Even though I resisted this change, maybe it’ll be a good thing

Remember to keep tapping on each aspect – feeling, body sensation, thought etc. Always clear your resistance and fears first before tapping on the positive possibilities. If change has been a problem for you in the past then you probably need to tap on the memories of your past change experiences to clear them. The movie technique is a great way to do that.

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.”

Keep tapping

You Can Only Change You

We all wish we could make people change at times. Sometimes it’s our family or our partner – why can’t they be more supportive/loving etc? Sometimes it’s people we work with – why do they have to be so negative all the time? Why can’t they pull their weight etc.

Well unfortunately we can’t make other people change. What we can do is work on ourselves. We can change our attitude and the way we react and this can have a beneficial effect on our relationship with the other person.

So next time you find yourself wishing someone would change, try doing some tapping instead.


  • Even though I wish Dan was more supportive and offered me more help, I’m ok
  • Even though Donna is always so negative and always puts people down, maybe she’s having a hard time at home
  • Even though Patrick never pulls his weight and always manages to worm his way out of doing his fair share, I accept my feelings about this

Tap on the fact that you really wish they would change & why.  Tap on all the aspects of the issue, e.g. your frustration, anger, bitterness etc. Tap on specific events where they were doing the thing you wish they’d change.  Keep going until you feel calm/neutral.  You may have had some insights as to why they behave a certain way. Hopefully by now you will be feeling different towards them – at least more compassionately!

Remember we can only change ourselves. Tapping can always calm us down and help us with the way we react to people.

Keep tapping


Switch Twitch

My fiancé came across a song awhile ago which had some lyrics that relate to EFT or Tapping as it is often known.  I thought I’d share their poignancy with you.

“Switch Twitch” by Fluke:

It’s time to begin,
start out over again,
what you is, what you been,
forget everything.
All the love that you made,
all the joy and the pain,
all the anger and hate,
rewind and erase.
Turn it on, listen in, turn it on, listen in.
Protect and survive,
you’re better alive,
take a step to the side,
relax and revive.
Turn it on, listen in, turn it on, listen in.
It’s easy to change,
go out and get a new name,
forget yesterday.
Tap your troubles away.
Tap your troubles away. Tap your troubles away.

(Highlights mine)

EFT definitely does allow us to tap our troubles away and make easy changes 🙂

Keep tapping

Going With The Flow

Sometimes we plan things and they don’t turn out how we expect them to. We can feel disappointed, sad, resentful or even guilty. If you are someone who finds it hard to deal with situations when things don’t go to plan then some tapping can help. We can’t always control things and even with the best will in the world the unexpected sometimes happens.

To allow yourself to be more flexible and more able to “go with the flow”, enables you to appreciate the present moment and not have to feel disappointed etc when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Try tapping the following few setup statements and see what happens:

  • Even though I like to organise and plan everything and feel disappointed if it doesn’t work out, I’m open to the possibility of going with the flow
  • Even though I feel sad/guilty/resentful {use your exact words} if my plans go awry, I choose to be flexible and just go with it instead
  • Even though I hate it when things don’t go to plan, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel unsafe if my plans change unexpectedly, I choose to trust I’ll be ok

Remember to use your words where appropriate.  Keep tapping on all the aspects that pop up when you work on this issue. Be persistent until you feel a shift.

I hope this has been useful.

Keep tapping

How To Handle Change

One thing that is guaranteed in this world is change.  Sometimes it’s a change that we want and welcome.  Other times we have changes forced upon us and we fight them.  Even when it’s a change we want, we can experience resistance and negative emotions.  How do we deal with all of that?  EFT is there for us as usual, right at our fingertips.  Here’s a tapping script that you might find useful to help you cope with change.

Tap on the Karate Chop spot on either hand whilst repeating out loud these 3 setups (or change the words to suit your situation):

  • Even though this change feels so hard and uncomfortable, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I didn’t want this change and I don’t want to have to deal with it, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel
  • Even though this change feels so difficult and I want things to stay the way they are, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel

Eyebrow: This change is so difficult and uncomfortable
Side of eye: I’m so upset by this change
Under eye: I don’t want this change
Under nose: I didn’t choose this change
Chin: Changes never work out for me
Collarbone: I’m so resistant to this change
Under arm: I wish this change didn’t have to happen
Top of head: Why can’t things stay the same?

Repeat the above several times or change the words to suit how you feel, until you feel a reduction in the intensity. If you feel ready you can tap on these statements which focus on the solution:

Eyebrow: Maybe this change will be easier
Side of eye: Maybe this time the change is for the best
Under eye: What if this time it’ll be easier
Under nose: What if things work out ok for me this time
Chin: What if things go my way
Collarbone: What if it turns out even better than I expected
Under arm: What if it does work out for me
Top of head: What if this change turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to me

Repeat the tapping as necessary and use your own words where appropriate.  Tap on the specific changes that are happening in your life and how you feel about them, until you feel calmer and able to handle the situation.

Keep tapping!
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Even though I’m worried of having a panic attack and not being able to handle it I choose to know I can get through it and feel normal again quickly


Even though I can’t handle having a panic attack and just want to take a tablet and go to bed to sleep it off, I choose to know it will pass and I can get through it


Even though I hate the feeling in my legs when I’m feeling anxious and having a panic attack I choose to get through it quickly and feel calm and normal again easily and quickly


Eyebrow: I worry I’ll have a panic attack

Side of Eye: I hate having these panic attacks

Under Eye: I wish I didn’t have these panic attacks

Under Nose: I hate feeling anxious

Chin: I can’t stand my legs feeling like jelly

Collarbone: I want to take a tablet and sleep it off when it starts

Under Arm: I just want to get away from these feelings

Crown of head: I just want it to be over


Now tap on the positives:

Eyebrow: I choose to be able to handle these strange feelings

Side of Eye: I know I’m ok even though I feel like this

Under Eye: I can get through this easily

Under Nose: My legs will feel normal again quickly

Chin: I know these feelings will pass quickly

Collarbone: It’ll all be over soon and I’m ok anyway

Under Arm: I choose to be able to handle these panic attacks

Crown of head: I can get through these panic attacks easily and quickly

How To Deal With The Unexpected

What do we do when we are delivered with the unexpected?

  • Kick up a fuss?
  • Run and hide?
  • Moan & groan?
  • Just get on with it?

Our reaction may differ depending on what the unexpected is.  I started reflecting on this on the weekend.  My first unexpected event was my friend’s visit cut short due to a family illness. There was nothing that could be done and I just accepted it. It was a shame they had to go but I completely understood.  So I suddenly had a weekend with no plans.  I thought great – quality time to spend with my boyfriend.  That was when unexpected event number two reared its head. I’d developed a cold on the Friday and I started to feel worse as the Saturday wore on.  A lazy day around the house developed. I thought – I’ll feel better tomorrow and we can go off for a nice walk and lunch somewhere.  My body had other ideas.  On the Sunday I woke up with ear ache. Something I’d never really had before.  As the day wore on my pain got so bad, I was laughing and crying and not sure what to do with myself.

I did a lot of EFT. It helped a bit but I had to take some pain killers and decongestants too. What I realise now is that I didn’t do any tapping on these unexpected things happening and how I felt about them.

How many times do we react to these things that crop up unexpectedly and then don’t do anything to counter our negative feelings? Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used on all of our negative emotions, feelings, experiences and much more!

So how do you start tapping on such an issue. Here’s a tapping script that will help you get started:

  • Even though {event} happened unexpectedly, I accept how I feel about this
  • Even though I didn’t want {event} to happen and I didn’t expect things to turn out this way, I accept all of my feelings
  • Even though I wish things had turned out how I expected them to, instead of {event} happening, I accept that you can’t plan the unexpected!

Eyebrow: Things didn’t turn out how I planned them
Side of Eye: I wish {event} hadn’t happened
Under Eye: I wish things didn’t have to change unexpectedly
Under Nose: I’m disappointed my plans changed
Under Chin: Why did that {event} have to happen?
Collarbone: I hate the unexpected
Under Arm: I don’t like my plans changing unexpectedly
Top of Head: Why did {event} have to happen like that?

Eyebrow: I hate it when the unexpected happens
Side of Eye: I don’t like things changing
Under Eye: I hate dealing with the unexpected
Under Nose: I feel out of control when the unexpected happens
Under Chin: Why did that have to happen?
Collarbone: I wish things had gone to plan
Under Arm: I didn’t want my plans to change
Top of Head: Why couldn’t things have gone as I expected them to

Eyebrow: I accept I can’t control everything
Side of Eye: Maybe I can deal with this easily
Under Eye: I can’t plan for the unexpected
Under Nose: It’s ok, maybe it happened for a reason
Under Chin: Maybe things have turned out for the best
Collarbone: What if I can just accept what has happened
Under Arm: I don’t have to be in control all the time
Top of Head: Maybe I can accept the unexpected

I hope that has given you an idea on how to start tapping for the unexpected. Use whatever feelings you have, whether they are disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness or guilt. Then tap on all of the associated feelings until you can easily accept what has happened.

We often can’t change things that happen to us and we can always change how we feel about it. We just need to take time to tap!