Fear Of Crowds

Do you have a fear of crowds? Or being around a lot of people? If you are a highly sensitive person you are more likely to be affected by the energy of other people especially when there are a lot of people in one place.

Here is a tapping script that can help if you suffer with this fear.

  • Even though I have this fear of crowds, I’m ok
  • Even though I have this fear of being around a lot of people, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m so scared in a crowd, I’m ok

EB: I have this fear of crowds
SE: I hate being surrounded by lots of people
UE: I feel so overwhelmed when I’m in a crowd
UN: I feel so scared when I’m surrounded by people
CH: I feel like everyone is in my space
CB: I feel really anxious in a crowd
UA: I can’t breathe when I’m in a squashed amongst lots of people
TH: I feel like I’m lost when I’m in a crowd


EB: My heart rate shoots up when I’m in a crowd
SE: I start to feel sick
UE: My stomach churns when I’m with lots of people
UN: It feels like there is no room for me in a crowd
CH: I hate feeling overwhelmed by lots of people
CB: My palms sweat and I get really anxious in a crowd
UA: I feel so lost and scared
TH: I just want to run away if there are lots of people

EB: I hate having this fear of crowds
SE: It restricts my life
UE: I can’t even go shopping
UN: Or to the cinema
CH: I hate feeling this way about crowds
CB: I wish I was ok in crowds
UA: I hate having this restriction in my life
TH: I wish crowds didn’t bother me

What symptoms do you feel?

Use those words to really tune in to how it feels for you.  Keep tapping on all the different aspects until your fear is at a zero. Try imagining being in a crowd and check your body has no response. If it does then tap some more on whatever comes up. Test it for real only once you can get no response from detailed imagining!

Keep tapping

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