How to Deal with Upsetting News

As a highly sensitive person I am deeply affected by the news. I am very empathetic and often feel moved to tears by the news. In the past I had a problem with this – I thought I was “wrong” and needed to toughen up. You can read more about how tapping can help you if you are highly sensitive person here.

Now I accept it as is. I still get upset by the news but not that I am upset by it. Often we feel upset and powerless to do anything about the situation. Whilst we may not physically be able to help a situation thousands of miles away I believe we can help energetically.

Firstly tap on your own emotions about the upsetting news, e.g.

  • Even though I feel so sad seeing all the horrific devastation in Oklahoma, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I feel so sad and upset about those poor people who lost their lives in Bangladesh when that factory collapsed, I love and accept myself

Keep tapping on all the emotions you feel, e.g. sadness, anger, frustration, powerlessness etc.

When you feel calm and in a better space then you can focus your energy and send some healing thoughts to those affected. You can tap as you do this or sit quietly in a meditative state.  Focus on sending calm, peaceful thoughts and support to those people. Send them your love and healing. If you believe in God/Angels etc then call upon them for help. Send your positive thoughts to all those people who are helping – e.g. volunteers, aid workers, service personnel etc. Send those people the strength to cope with all they need to do to help in the situation.  Surround the area affected with love and light, knowing this will help everyone involved.

You might like to end with some gratitude for everything you have in your life.  Again you can do this silently or whilst tapping.

I hope you have found this useful.  I certainly have.

Keep tapping

I’m Highly Sensitive and that’s OK

Lately my clients have been people who are highly sensitive. I find I can relate to these clients very well as I am highly sensitive myself. I, like many sensitive folk found it hard growing up. I was told:

  • You’re too sensitive
  • Stop taking things so seriously
  • Toughen up
  • You should have thicker skin
  • Don’t take things to heart so much

I thought it was wrong to be so sensitive. I wasn’t “normal”.

This means that I grew up with this big stigma. I tried to play down my sensitive side. I would cry at movies my friends didn’t seem bothered by. I would always try & hide the fact that I had cried, unless one of my friends had cried too & then it would be “ok” for me to admit that I had cried too. I have even been known to cry at adverts but would not admit that to anyone!

I need time alone every day. That must mean I am some kind of freak surely! Ok, maybe it means that I’m ok when my partner goes away & I have to spend time alone. I enjoy my own company and relish this quiet time to myself.

I have done a lot of tapping about this and now realise that being highly sensitive is actually a good thing. Especially as an EFT practitioner. It makes me more empathetic. I understand my clients on a deep level.

If you are highly sensitive, then I suggest you do some tapping to help you come to terms with it and accept that it is actually a good thing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Even though I’m highly sensitive, maybe that’s ok
  • Even though I was always told to toughen up and get thicker skin, maybe I’m ok just the way I am
  • Even though I was always told I’m too sensitive and take things to heart too easily, what if this is a good thing for me
  • Even though I was always told not to be so sensitive and that spending time alone is wrong, what if everyone else is wrong and I know what I need

I cannot tell you how much better I felt after I worked on this.To feel ok in your own skin is so important!

Let me emphasise that again – to feel ok in your own skin is so important!

I feel so grateful that EFT allowed me to do this.

If you are highly sensitive then I suggest that you work with someone who really understands you and is highly sensitive themselves.

If you want to explore this issue yourself, Rue Hass, EFT Master has a wonderful website and book for Highly Sensitive People.

I cannot recommend working on this issue highly enough if you are highly sensitive.

Get tapping – you will feel so much more comfortable and ok with yourself if you work on this issue.

Keep tapping!
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