Decisions, decisions

Have you ever felt stuck and unable to make a decision?

Do you constantly switch from one option to the other & still can’t make up your mind?

Have you ever made a decision and then regretted the option you chose?

You’re not alone. Many of us struggle in this exact way.

Decisions, decisions

Lots of people suffer physical symptoms from their indecision. E.g. headaches, shoulder pain, churning stomach, night sweats, sleepless nights etc.

EFT can help! You can use Emotional Freedom Techniques to help you get over the fear, worry and anxiety associated with making a decision. You can use EFT to help you make that decision.

Try using the following script when you’re stuck and see if helps you make your decision easier. Before you start, on a scale of 0 – 10 how do you feel about making this decision? 0 would be calm and relaxed and 10 would be maximum stress/intensity about making the decision.

  • Even though I can’t make decisions, I accept my feelings about this
  • Even though I always struggle to make a decision, I toss and turn over it,  I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m finding it impossible to make this decision, I’m open to letting it be easy

Eyebrow: It’s so difficult to make decisions
Side of eye: I find it so hard to decide
Under eye: I have to weigh up all of the options over and over again
Under nose: I wish it were easy for me to know the right decision
Chin: It’s so difficult to know which is the right decision for me
Collarbone: I have sleepless nights over this decision
Under arm: My stomach churns over making decisions
Top of head: I get so stressed when I have to make a decision

Eyebrow: What if I make the wrong choice
Side of eye: Why is it so hard for me to make decisions
Under eye: I have to make sure it’s the right decision
Under nose: I want to know I’ve made the right choice
Chin: I’ll never be able to decide
Collarbone: I wake at night worrying about this decision
Under arm: I get night sweats stressing about this decision
Top of head: I hate making decisions it’s so stressful

Eyebrow: What if it were easy for me to make decisions
Side of eye: Maybe I can relax and think clearly
Under eye: I can listen to my intuition
Under nose: I can tune into my inner wisdom
Chin: Maybe it can be easy to make a good decision
Collarbone: What if I can sleep soundly even when I  have decisions to make
Under arm: Maybe I can let my intuition guide me
Top of head: Letting be easy and safe for me to make decisions easily

Now re-check your score and repeat the tapping until you are down to 0 and you feel good about making your decision.

Do let me know how you get on.

Keep on tapping.
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Four Questions to Help Shift Your Perspective

Sometimes we are so close to our problem that we can’t figure out what is at the root of it.  We can’t “see the wood through the trees” as it were. We can only see our problem and we are stuck, with no solutions. In order for us to gain perspective, we need to approach the problem differently.  

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we have a useful tool based on quantum linguistics. Quantum linguistics is the powerful use of the language and listening skills. We listen to the temporal words and presuppositions people use to assist them toward positive thoughts and actions.  

Cartesian logic is an excellent tool to use to loosen the boundaries of someone’s thinking and to help shift their perspective and open up new possibilities for them. It is extremely useful to use when you have a decision to make.  

Mathematical cartesian logic is based on geometry:  

  • A,B = Theorem  
  • -A,B = Converse  
  • -A,-B = Non mirror image reverse
  • A,-B = Inverse  

Ok, scary maths bit over! How do we apply this in the real world?  

These four questions can be really useful in helping us shift our perspective, help us make a decision and reveal new possibilities to us.

  • What would happen if you did? (Theorem)  
  • What would happen if you didn’t? (Inverse) 
  • What wouldn’t happen if you did? (Converse)
  • What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t? (Non mirror image reverse)  

Yes I know they scramble your brain a bit…and that is the whole point! When we are locked in to our problem, all we can see is the problem. When we change perspective then we can begin to see solutions and possibilities.  

Lock and key

Try using the cartesian logic for a decision or problem you have and see what new possibilities and solutions  you can come up with – oh and have fun!

Louise Woods