Inner Voice

Please stop for a minute. Just listen. Listen to your inner voice, your self talk.

What does it say? What tone does it speak in?
Is it speaking with kindness & compassion?
Or is it speaking with criticism and judgement?

Self talk
Self talk

It is very enlightening if we just stop once in a while and listen to our self talk. If you find yourself being critical and judgemental then try some tapping.

  • Even though I’m being judgemental…
  • Even though I’m critical of myself…
  • Even though I’m my own worst critic…
  • Even though my self talk is negative and judgemental…
  • Even though I’m not being a good friend to myself…
  • Even though I’m giving myself a really hard time…
  • Even thought I’d never speak to a friend in the way I speak to myself…

Once you have cleared out the negatives, try some positive choices, e.g.

  • I choose to treat myself with kindness & compassion…
  • I choose to treat myself like a good friend
  • I choose to be kinder to myself
  • I choose to be more compassionate with myself
  • I choose to treat myself with kindness
  • I choose to talk to myself in kind and loving ways

I hope you try this exercise from time to time and find it useful. I sure do whenever I do it.  Interestingly I have noticed my critical voice less and less and I notice it more quickly if it does pop up. In which case I tap and let it go 🙂

Keep tapping

Stop Judging Yourself

Recently I was beating myself up for responding to stress in a way that used to serve me. I thought I had released that stress response from my system. I did some EFT with one of my tapping buddies. Out of that tapping I became aware of sadness at responding in the old way. I also realised that I was judging myself for responding in this way. I also realised that judging myself was a familiar pattern too.

We tapped together to release the sadness and self judgement. The old response used to serve me well and stop me getting too stressed by forcing me to stop (I’d get a stomach bug or bad cold). I no longer have that old level of stress in my life, yet at times I still respond like I used to. I was effectively beating myself up for still responding in the old way. Out of our session together I was able to release my sadness, self judgement and develop a sense of inner peace.

I became aware of the need to listen to my body more carefully and more often. That way I can become aware of any emotions or stress building up and listen without judgement.

We often judge ourselves instead of accepting and allowing our emotions to flow. So if you judge yourself at times for feeling certain emotions or reacting in certain ways then tapping can definitely benefit you. Try some of the following statements to help you stop judging yourself:

  • Even though I’m judging myself for feeling {emotion} I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m judging myself because I reacted in that old way, I’m open to being kind to myself and letting go of this judgement
  • Even though I always judge myself instead of accepting these feelings, I’m open to the possibility of accepting all of me

Tap through all of the related emotions until you feel a sense of peace and self acceptance. We are often very self-critical and self judging. So make this tapping a priority if this is an issue for you.

I wish you self acceptance and peace.

Keep tapping
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