Energy Toning

Energy what? Energy toning. In other words, toning our energy system. When we exercise we tone our physical body. This is the equivalent for our energy body. This is a concept developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake in their SET or Simple Energy Techniques system. You can continually tap on the points whilst you focus on an issue or just continuously tap on the points without focusing on anything. They noticed that participants  who continuously tapped through their workshops got better results.

This continuous tapping is a great way to help you feel calmer and more balanced every day. One of the easiest ways to do this continuous tapping is to use just the finger points. These are mostly left out now by more EFT practitioners. Use your thumb to tap on the finger points on the same hand. You can either do one hand at a time or both hands together. Some suggestions for when to do this:

  • Stressful meeting at work
  • Stuck in rush hour traffic
  • Watching TV
  • Stuck in a queue at the supermarket
  • Whilst walking

There are so many ways you fit this in to your daily life. Because you don’t need to repeat setup statements and reminder phrases it is easy to do in public and not be seen. The finger points are particularly useful and very discreet. No-one will know you are tapping!

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I have made a commitment to do more continual finger tapping myself this year. Already I have found myself feeling calmer and responding to situations in a more thoughtful, rather than reactionary way.

I would love to hear your experiences with this. Please drop me a comment with your feedback.

Keep tapping!
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