Do I Have To Speak Out Loud?


Another question I get asked a lot is:

Do I have to speak out loud when tapping?

In a session with a practitioner, we normally repeat the statements out loud when we tap. Many people find it a bit weird speaking out loud when they tap by themselves. The great thing is you don’t have to do it! EFT is a very flexible tool.

Here are some ways you can try to see which suits you best.

  • Tap silently – repeating your statements in your mind only
  • Write down your statements and tap whilst reading them

If you are ok with speaking out loud, you can try these versions:

  • Tap whilst whispering the statements
  • Try shouting out your statements (great if you’re stuck or need to really vent)
  • Sing your tapping statements
  • Use a silly voice – this works especially well if you’re tapping on something someone said – you can exaggerate their voice

Keep tapping (whichever way you decide to do it)

Do I Have to Speak Out Loud?

Many people ask this when they are new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The answer is no. There are many ways of doing EFT and it really is a very flexible technique. The best answer is – experiment with what works best for YOU!

You can try speaking normally. If you are in public (e.g. feeling stressed at your desk at work) you can tap quietly whilst repeating your setup phrase and reminder phrases just in your mind. You can even just tap on your Karate chop point or your fingertips under your desk if you don’t want anyone to see you tapping!

If you are at home and you are not getting results you can try shouting out your setup & reminder phrases and really putting some emphasis into them.

You can whisper them and even hum them! EFT really is that flexible. What you want to do is figure out which method works best for you. Or use the method that is appropriate to where you are. So you could do the silent method at work and speak normally at home.

I use a combination of methods myself, depending on the situation.

Have fun with trying out these different methods. If you’d like some help with EFT, please email me for a free initial consultation.

Happy tapping.