Going With The Flow

Sometimes we plan things and they don’t turn out how we expect them to. We can feel disappointed, sad, resentful or even guilty. If you are someone who finds it hard to deal with situations when things don’t go to plan then some tapping can help. We can’t always control things and even with the best will in the world the unexpected sometimes happens.

To allow yourself to be more flexible and more able to “go with the flow”, enables you to appreciate the present moment and not have to feel disappointed etc when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Try tapping the following few setup statements and see what happens:

  • Even though I like to organise and plan everything and feel disappointed if it doesn’t work out, I’m open to the possibility of going with the flow
  • Even though I feel sad/guilty/resentful {use your exact words} if my plans go awry, I choose to be flexible and just go with it instead
  • Even though I hate it when things don’t go to plan, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel unsafe if my plans change unexpectedly, I choose to trust I’ll be ok

Remember to use your words where appropriate.  Keep tapping on all the aspects that pop up when you work on this issue. Be persistent until you feel a shift.

I hope this has been useful.

Keep tapping