EFT lives on

Well Gary Craig has finally shut down his website www.emofree.com. All of us in the EFT community have been waiting for this day with bated breath, wondering what would happen to all of those amazing case histories, research and practitioner listings. Well now we can take an easy breath and jump for joy! The material lives on at a new home! Yipppee! If you can’t tell – I’m very pleased about that! So the new home for all things EFT related is:


Here you will find a wealth of case histories, research, EFT books & DVDs, practitioner listings and lots more. As a practitioner the case histories provide valuable learnings – new approaches, language reframes, EFT enhancements etc. For clients or newcomers, it’s great to be able to read a case history and think – well it worked for them – it might just work for me. There may be EFT statements that you can glean, questions that prompt your healing and inspiration to tap yourself.

I hope that Gary Craig enjoys his retirement – he has worked very hard to bring EFT to the world. He deserves to relax and enjoy life. I’m looking forward to the developments of EFT as we move up that healing high-rise building.

Keep tapping!