What is stopping You Going for it?

What is Stopping You Going for it?
I had a recent client who was feeling stuck. I’m sure that is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our life. It’s what we do about it though that is important. Firstly, ask yourself the following questions: 


Why do I feel stuck?

What is stopping me from going for it?
Has there been a similar situation in the past where I’ve felt the same?

This is all valuable information to help you move forward.

Here are some general statements that can help you start to clear out the stuck feelings.

  • Even though I feel really stuck, I accept how I feel
  • Even though I’m scared to move forward, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I’m not sure why I’m stuck, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m anxious about doing {insert action}, I’m open to the possibility it won’t be as difficult as I think it will
  • Even though I’m procrastinating, what if I found it easy to take action

My client wanted to change jobs. But he was stuck because of fear. Fear that he wouldn’t be good enough. Fear of the unknown – would his new job be better or would it be worse? Fear that he wouldn’t have the freedom he has now. Fear of the impact on his life and that of his family.
Fear is usually the major reason for keeping us stuck. Most of the time though, the fear is worse than actually doing it! I don’t believe in “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”. I’ve done that in the past and ok, I got through it, I survived. There is an easier way though – using EFT to address all of your fears! Here’s a tapping script that can help you address your fears.
Setup: Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

  • Even though I’m scared to do {insert action}, I accept how I feel about this
  • Even though I’m full of fear and I just can’t move forward, I accept all of my feelings
  • Even though I feel stuck and I’m too scared to take action, I accept all of me anyway

Eyebrow: I’m stuck and I’m scared
Side of Eye: I’m full of fear
Under Eye: It’s just too scary to take action
Under Nose: I want to do {action} but I’m too scared
Under Chin: I hate feeling this fear
Collarbone: I can’t stop feeling this fear
Under Arm: I don’t want to feel scared
Top of Head: I wish I could let this fear go

Eyebrow: I’m procrastinating because I’m scared
Side of Eye: I’m afraid and I’m stuck
Under Eye: {action} is too scary
Under Nose: I can’t do {action} because I’m afraid
Under Chin: I don’t want to make mistakes
Collarbone: I’ll embarrass myself if I try
Under Arm:  I’m scared and I won’t do it right
Top of Head: I wish I could stop procrastinating

Eyebrow: I’m open to the possibility it will be easier than I think
Side of Eye: What if I just tried
Under Eye: Maybe it won’t be so difficult
Under Nose: Maybe I can start with small steps
Under Chin: What if it was easy
Collarbone: Maybe I can do it
Under Arm: What if I could release my fear
Top of Head: I will do it

Use your words where appropriate to really tune in to how you feel. Remember to keep tapping until your fear has gone completely to zero.
If there are any other emotions that are coming up for you, then use EFT on them too until you feel calm and excited about taking action. Ok, so now that you have released your fear and any other emotions, what steps will you take next?
What are the steps you can take to achieve your outcome?
What is the first SMALL step that you can take?
What is the first BIG step that you can take?
When you will you achieve these steps?
Let me know how you get on with this – I’d love to celebrate your success with you.
My client completely released his fear by the end of the session. He was feeling more positive, motivated and excited about changing his job. He was now playing a different movie in his mind – a positive, empowering one that will help him move forward.

If you would like some help releasing your fears, please get in touch. I would love to help you.

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