When Should I Tap?

Clients often ask me this question. When is the best time to tap? How long should I tap for? Etc.  My advise is always – when it feels right & for as long as it takes to clear the issue or the time you have available. It couldn’t be simpler! EFT is a very flexible tool. If an issue comes up you can tap on it straight away if it’s OK to do so. If not, make a mental note to tap on it at the first opportunity you have.

Last night I was watching a movie with my partner & we paused the film to get drinks etc. Just as we were about to start watching it again he asked if I could help him tap on something. It was an issue that had come up & he felt like he would like to tap on it right away. I was happy to oblige and we spent about 5 minutes working on it. We didn’t clear the issue completely but he did get some reduction in the feelings and some great insights. He also had some more ideas on how to work through the rest of the issue.

We then carried on watching our movie. What it meant was that he could relax during the rest of the movie and enjoy it rather than mulling over the issue. Happy days 🙂

Keep tapping – whenever you can 🙂