Covid Confusion

I hope that you have managed to avoid Covid. Unfortunately I caught it back in September. My husband caught it first and we took every precaution we could for me not to catch it (separate rooms, face masks, distancing, lots of cleaning and sanitising!). I was really pissed off that I caught it when I tried so hard not to. Lots of other people I know or have heard of didn’t catch it off their partners or children even when they didn’t do any of those things.

I think some people just won’t catch it. Lucky them! Thankfully neither my husband nor I were too ill. We both were very fatigued and this did seem to last a good few weeks. We’d both been double vaccinated too. I was rather cautious about having the vaccine but was so glad I did. Others I know ended up in hospital and suffered much more. Several people I know have been suffering from long Covid.

The fatigue that I am talking about here though is the general fatigue from living through a global pandemic that has gone on for over 2 years! We all thought Covid would be around for a few weeks and that would be it. How wrong could we be? It certainly took it’s toll on me and lots of other people.

What Now?

In the UK all restrictions have now been removed and life is “back to normal”. But there remains a lot of worry and anxiety for many people. All those who are vulnerable or have an existing illness, those who have not been vaccinated and those still suffering from long Covid.

Do we still wear a mask and wash our hands more often? I personally am continuing to wear a mask in shops or where there are high volumes of people. I am happy to wear a mask for clients if they wish and am a regular hand washer anyway.

I believe we need to do what we feel is right and what we are comfortable with. I hope that people can respect other peoples choice! It is a very personal thing and will very much depend on your experience with the virus. Many people are now having to isolate and restrict their lives because the virus has not gone away and they need to stay safe.

covid mask

I hope that if you are still worried or anxious that you can get some help. I am here to help anyone I can with EFT, Mindfulness or Reiki. Do be in touch if you’d like some help.

Stay safe and well