Happy New Year 2024

Welcome to the new year. I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas (if you celebrate) or enjoyed some time off. It is so important to make time to rest. If we follow nature more closely, winter is the perfect time to rest more. It is not the best time to set new year resolutions or for starting new projects. So why not kick back and relax instead of feeling like you need to lose weight, join a gym or learn a new language.

Happy new year 2024

How about realising that you don’t need to do these things just because others are. It is much better to postpone these things until a time that feels right for you. If you follow nature’s pattern, Spring is a much better time to start new things. Lighter, longer days, brighter weather (hopefully) and more energy. I am still in full snuggle, hibernation mode. Embracing lots of candles and blankets and cosy fires.

So don’t let society push you into setting resolutions that you will probably give up on in less than 2 weeks because you don’t have the energy right now. Instead, take stock, rest and recharge as best you can. Save your new beginnings for when you have more energy and feel like it’s the right time for YOU.

Here are some self-care things you might like to try instead:

  • Enjoy reading a good book
  • Walk in nature
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Take a long bath
  • Book a treatment or massage
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Eat comforting, warming food
  • Cosy up by the fire or with candles
  • Watch an old favourite movie

Best wishes


Appreciating Autumn

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. Life has become very busy and I don’t know how it is September already! At the moment there are many challenging things going on from the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, the rise in Covid cases again, the climate crisis etc. It is easy for me to go back to my “worry about everything nature”. Making time to appreciate autumn and the changes all around me is really helping.


There are many things that I cannot control and therefore I can choose to not worry about them. How? By reminding myself that worrying doesn’t help anyone, least of all myself and by focusing on things I can control instead.

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.”
Erma Bombeck

Appreciating autumn

Be Present

I am choosing to really be present in nature at the moment. It is tremendously grounding for me. The Autumn is the perfect time as there are so many changes and they happen every day. The leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. The unsettled weather, raining heavily one minute and bright blue skies the next. The other day there was a beautiful rainbow that took my breath away.

Appreciating autumn

Make time to get outside and be really present. Feel the wind or cooler air on your face. Be aware of your feet connecting with the ground. Acknowledge the changes happening all around you. See which trees are bare and which ones the leaves are still on and changing colour each day.

Notice the small things that you can control e.g. what you consume. Choosing nourishing, warming food at this time of year is also helpful. Stews, soups and curries make me feel grounded in my body. Be very careful about the time you spend on social media, which accounts you follow etc. Let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Seek out the good things – inspiring or helpful people or stories. Don’t watch the news especially before bedtime.


Daily tapping really helps me and stops me going into worry mode. I make sure I make time for this and for regular exercise including walking/jogging, yoga and Qi Gong.

I love to tap using the phrases “I am safe” and “I am grounded in my body”. Both of which help me feel safe and grounded in my body and stop me ruminating.

If you would like to learn how to tap you can get in touch with me or start here.

I hope this has been helpful.

Best wishes,

Covid Confusion

I hope that you have managed to avoid Covid. Unfortunately I caught it back in September. My husband caught it first and we took every precaution we could for me not to catch it (separate rooms, face masks, distancing, lots of cleaning and sanitising!). I was really pissed off that I caught it when I tried so hard not to. Lots of other people I know or have heard of didn’t catch it off their partners or children even when they didn’t do any of those things.

I think some people just won’t catch it. Lucky them! Thankfully neither my husband nor I were too ill. We both were very fatigued and this did seem to last a good few weeks. We’d both been double vaccinated too. I was rather cautious about having the vaccine but was so glad I did. Others I know ended up in hospital and suffered much more. Several people I know have been suffering from long Covid.

The fatigue that I am talking about here though is the general fatigue from living through a global pandemic that has gone on for over 2 years! We all thought Covid would be around for a few weeks and that would be it. How wrong could we be? It certainly took it’s toll on me and lots of other people.

What Now?

In the UK all restrictions have now been removed and life is “back to normal”. But there remains a lot of worry and anxiety for many people. All those who are vulnerable or have an existing illness, those who have not been vaccinated and those still suffering from long Covid.

Do we still wear a mask and wash our hands more often? I personally am continuing to wear a mask in shops or where there are high volumes of people. I am happy to wear a mask for clients if they wish and am a regular hand washer anyway.

I believe we need to do what we feel is right and what we are comfortable with. I hope that people can respect other peoples choice! It is a very personal thing and will very much depend on your experience with the virus. Many people are now having to isolate and restrict their lives because the virus has not gone away and they need to stay safe.

covid mask

I hope that if you are still worried or anxious that you can get some help. I am here to help anyone I can with EFT, Mindfulness or Reiki. Do be in touch if you’d like some help.

Stay safe and well

Happy New Year 2019

Wishing you a very happy, healthy 2019.

Happy new year 2019
Happy New Year

Forget about the resolutions as most of us end up ditching them by mid January anyway! They can also induce feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

Instead, take some time to review your 2018 and plan for this year. Here are some suggestions for you:

Review 2018

  • What was the best thing about 2018?
  • What are you most proud of achieving in 2018?
  • What was your most important lesson of 2018?

Plan 2019

  • What do you want to achieve the most in 2019?
  • What is your focus word for 2019?
  • What hobbies/activities do you want to do this year?
  • What self-care things will you do to look after yourself this year?

Set Your Goals

Using the answers from above, set your goals for the year. Then break them down into goals for the months and weeks ahead. Remember to regularly review your goals and break them down further if you’re not achieving them, or make them bigger if you are exceeding them 🙂

I hope that you have a great 2019. Do let me know if you’d like some help.


Feelings About Feelings

Feelings About Feelings

I was working with a client recently and the tapping didn’t seem to be working. We were tapping on various different emotions and the associated sensations in her body. We tapped several rounds focusing on the body sensations and the different emotions in turn. She was frustrated with herself for having these various emotions and not being able to get rid of them!

I suggested we take a step back and work on the frustration first. That did the trick…

By focusing on the feelings we have about the feelings (or the emotions about having the emotions) we had a break through!

Feelings about feelings
Feelings about feelings

Pain & Suffering

Often when we have pain we have a lot of feelings or emotions about that pain. That is suffering. Our pain feels worse because we have all these feelings or emotions about having the pain. We don’t need to suffer additionally when we have pain. We can tap on our feelings and emotions about having the pain.

So always make sure you tap on your feelings or emotions about having the other feelings or emotions.

Say you are angry at someone because they did something to upset you. You can start by tapping on your anger, but you may also be feeling frustrated or guilty about feeling angry. So tap on the feelings about the feelings as well. E.g.

  • Even though I feel frustrated about feeling angry at Bob when he really upset me, I accept all these feelings
  • Even though I feel guilty because Bob upset me and made me angry, I accept all of my feelings
  • Even though I feel frustrated that I got so angry when Bob upset me, I acknowledge and accept myself anyway

Keep Tapping

Be observant and notice how your feelings about having your feelings change. Once you have cleared the feelings about the feelings, start tapping on the feelings. E.g.

  • Even though Bob upset me and I got angry, I accept all my feelings
  • Even though I feel angry because Bob upset me when he did X, I acknowledge and accept myself
  • Even though I feel this angry knot of tension in my gut when I think about what Bob did…

Remember, to be as specific as possible for best results when tapping.

Keep tapping 🙂




How Often Should I Tap?


This is not an easy question to answer, but one I get asked all the time by my clients.

The answer very much depends on you. Think about the reason for tapping and how quickly you want results.

Personally, I tap every single day. Some days it’s just for 5 minutes. Other days it’s a whole hour if I’m doing a ‘proper’ session. Often, it’s somewhere in between.

  • If you have a long standing or chronic condition then I definitely recommend tapping every day.
  • If you want quick results then again I recommend tapping every day.
  • If you feel stressed every day then I definitely recommend tapping every day!

It is not always easy to find the time. You have to make the time.  Most of us can manage to find 5 minutes in our busy day. So start with that. Just 5 minutes. On days where you have more time then tap for longer. The more you tap, the more you’ll benefit. So get started 🙂

Keep tapping


Merry Christmas 2015


Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas 2015

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 2015. I hope that you have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas with your family and friends.

Remember that you can tap if it all gets too much for you. Just find a quiet spot for 5 minutes and tap on anything that is upsetting or overwhelming you.

I recommend daily tapping anyway to keep your energy flowing and to ensure your emotions are balanced.

Love and blessings,

You’ve Got To Move It

How much time do you spend sat down? For many of us, it’s way too much! It can be hard to remember to get up and move about during our day. We often spend a large part of the day sat in our car, desk chair and sofa! We need to move though. We weren’t designed to be sat still for hours on end. Recent studies show the negative effects of long periods of sitting include reduced electrical activity of our muscles, increased LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), increased insulin resistance, weight gain, reduced concentration etc.

Sitting at desk
Desk worker

It can be hard to remember to move when we are busy working and concentrating. However, getting up and moving will help us concentrate better – moving pumps fresh blood and oxygen to our brain – releasing brain and mood enhancing chemicals. When we sit still our brain function slows (ever have that afternoon fog?).

So get up every half hour and walk around. Go to the photocopier, make yourself a drink, talk to a colleague rather than emailing them etc.

Make sure you get 30 mins moderate exercise a day (e.g. walking).

If you find it hard to move your body then try some tapping, e.g.

  • Even though I find it hard to move during my busy day, I choose to remember to look after my body
  • Even though it’s hard to remember to move, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I forget to move and feel stiff and sore, I choose to be more active
  • Even though my shoulders and neck feel stiff and tense, I choose to stretch and move during my day
  • Even though I find it hard to fit in any exercise, I choose to make time to look after my body

You can help yourself by setting a reminder on your computer or phone to get off your butt! Just standing for a few minutes and stretching or walking away from your desk will help.

WalkingIf you’d like some help with this, then do get in touch with me.

Keep tapping (and moving)
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Inner Voice

Please stop for a minute. Just listen. Listen to your inner voice, your self talk.

What does it say? What tone does it speak in?
Is it speaking with kindness & compassion?
Or is it speaking with criticism and judgement?

Self talk
Self talk

It is very enlightening if we just stop once in a while and listen to our self talk. If you find yourself being critical and judgemental then try some tapping.

  • Even though I’m being judgemental…
  • Even though I’m critical of myself…
  • Even though I’m my own worst critic…
  • Even though my self talk is negative and judgemental…
  • Even though I’m not being a good friend to myself…
  • Even though I’m giving myself a really hard time…
  • Even thought I’d never speak to a friend in the way I speak to myself…

Once you have cleared out the negatives, try some positive choices, e.g.

  • I choose to treat myself with kindness & compassion…
  • I choose to treat myself like a good friend
  • I choose to be kinder to myself
  • I choose to be more compassionate with myself
  • I choose to treat myself with kindness
  • I choose to talk to myself in kind and loving ways

I hope you try this exercise from time to time and find it useful. I sure do whenever I do it.  Interestingly I have noticed my critical voice less and less and I notice it more quickly if it does pop up. In which case I tap and let it go 🙂

Keep tapping

The Art of Listening

I refer to listening to yourself. To what you need. To what your body needs.

Think back…when was the last time you really listened?

Taking time out to listen to what your body needs is important. We can stay much healthier and feel much better when we do listen.

Today I listened to my body and chose to go for  a walk instead of a run. My body certainly knew it was the right choice. I also got to experience a feeling of calm, peace and tranquility. I really drank in all the colours of the leaves in the forest. I heard the birds, the wind and the water in the stream. It was a delight for my senses that I know I would have missed if I had been running. So maybe my body was telling me that was what I needed right then.

I felt deeply connected to mother nature on my walk. I’m glad I listened.

If you have trouble listening to yourself, here are tapping statements that you can try:

  • I find it hard to listen to my needs
  • I always put other people’s needs first
  • I don’t make the time to listen to myself
  • I feel selfish if I listen to my needs
  • I feel selfish if I do things just for me
  • I don’t deserve to listen to my needs
  • I’ve lost the art of listening to my needs
  • I’m always at the bottom of the pile
  • I feel guilty listening to my needs

Keep tapping on whatever comes up for you. Listening to your needs is important so be persistent 🙂

Keep tapping

Silence is Golden – Tapping Without Words

One of the most common things clients struggle with EFT is how to find the “right” words to use. Well there are no “right” words as I have written about in the past. In fact, we can tap without using any words at all.

This happened in a client session recently. The client was playing back certain memories in their head. I was tapping on their hand, allowing them to be fully present on the memory and feelings going on for them. Intuitively I knew that me asking them to start saying words would bring them out of their memory. So I just gently kept tapping and focusing on breathing.

After awhile I felt that they had reached a place where I could check in with them. I reassured the client that just focusing on the memory whilst I was tapping was just perfect in that moment. I was then able to question the client to check how the emotions were feeling now.

The session continued in this way until the client felt no more emotion and could play back the memory without feeling triggered in any way. So remember the words are just designed to help us stay tuned in the memory/emotion/pain etc. If you are right there in your memory/emotion/pain then you don’t need the words – keep focused on the sensations and keep tapping until you have completely resolved the issue.

The main things to remember about EFT are to be specific, focused and persistent!

Until next time!

Keep tapping
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I’m Highly Sensitive and that’s OK

Lately my clients have been people who are highly sensitive. I find I can relate to these clients very well as I am highly sensitive myself. I, like many sensitive folk found it hard growing up. I was told:

  • You’re too sensitive
  • Stop taking things so seriously
  • Toughen up
  • You should have thicker skin
  • Don’t take things to heart so much

I thought it was wrong to be so sensitive. I wasn’t “normal”.

This means that I grew up with this big stigma. I tried to play down my sensitive side. I would cry at movies my friends didn’t seem bothered by. I would always try & hide the fact that I had cried, unless one of my friends had cried too & then it would be “ok” for me to admit that I had cried too. I have even been known to cry at adverts but would not admit that to anyone!

I need time alone every day. That must mean I am some kind of freak surely! Ok, maybe it means that I’m ok when my partner goes away & I have to spend time alone. I enjoy my own company and relish this quiet time to myself.

I have done a lot of tapping about this and now realise that being highly sensitive is actually a good thing. Especially as an EFT practitioner. It makes me more empathetic. I understand my clients on a deep level.

If you are highly sensitive, then I suggest you do some tapping to help you come to terms with it and accept that it is actually a good thing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Even though I’m highly sensitive, maybe that’s ok
  • Even though I was always told to toughen up and get thicker skin, maybe I’m ok just the way I am
  • Even though I was always told I’m too sensitive and take things to heart too easily, what if this is a good thing for me
  • Even though I was always told not to be so sensitive and that spending time alone is wrong, what if everyone else is wrong and I know what I need

I cannot tell you how much better I felt after I worked on this.To feel ok in your own skin is so important!

Let me emphasise that again – to feel ok in your own skin is so important!

I feel so grateful that EFT allowed me to do this.

If you are highly sensitive then I suggest that you work with someone who really understands you and is highly sensitive themselves.

If you want to explore this issue yourself, Rue Hass, EFT Master has a wonderful website and book for Highly Sensitive People.

I cannot recommend working on this issue highly enough if you are highly sensitive.

Get tapping – you will feel so much more comfortable and ok with yourself if you work on this issue.

Keep tapping!
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