Do You Dread Social Activities

Parties, dinners, lunches, meeting for coffee…do they fill you with dread?

We’re supposed to enjoy these things right? Well that is not always the case.

Many people are filled with dread when they receive an invite. They feel they “have” to say yes because that is the “right” thing to do.  It’s difficult to say no because you then have to find an excuse as to why. Most people would rather make up an excuse than have to explain why they don’t actually want to go.

So if that sounds like you then pay attention. What exactly is it that you dread?

  • Is it not knowing what to say
  • The social etiquette
  • Do you hate eating in front of people?
  • Do you worry what people will think of you?
  • Do you fear being judged?
  • Have you had a specific event in the past that triggered your social anxiety

Whatever the answer is you can use that and do some tapping (or EFT), to help you clear these emotions, feelings and negative thoughts. Below is an example tapping script that you can use to get you started. Rate your intensity level on a scale of 0 – 10 first (10 is maximum intensity).

  • Even though I hate eating in public, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I hate going out with friends, because I have to eat in public and I feel so self-conscious, I’m ok
  • Even though I feel so anxious, my stomach is in knots and I feel so sick I can’t eat anyway, I totally accept all of my feelings anyway

Eyebrow: I hate eating in public
Side of Eye: I dread going out with friends
Under Eye: I really wish I could enjoy it
Under Nose: But it’s so difficult
Under Chin: I feel sick to my stomach
Collarbone: I get so anxious before I go out
Under Arm: I hate having this social anxiety
Top of Head: My stomach is in knots every time I eat out

Eyebrow: I dread eating out in restaurants
Side of Eye: I really enjoy my friends company
Under Eye: But I get so anxious going out
Under Nose: I wish I could just go out and have fun
Under Chin: My stomach gets so knotty and I feel so sick
Collarbone: This anxiety is ruining my fun
Under Arm: I wish I could relax when I go out
Top of Head: I feel so anxious it makes me feel sick

Eyebrow: Maybe I can overcome this
Side of Eye: What if I could relax and enjoy myself
Under Eye: I’m open to the possibility I can get over this
Under Nose: Maybe I can let this anxiety go
Under Chin: What if I felt safe and relaxed when I went out
Collarbone: Maybe my stomach can relax
Under Arm: What if I actually enjoyed myself
Top of Head: Maybe it’s time to let this anxiety go now

Keep tapping until you are down to zero. Then visualise yourself going out with friends and see what comes up for you now. If you feel more anxiety then do more tapping! Repeat this process until you can visualise several scenarios and feel completely calm.

To increase your success rate I highly recommend using the movie technique on specific events that triggered your social anxiety.

With some more investigation and persistent tapping you’ll be able to enjoy yourself socially like you never have done before!

Keep tapping!
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  1. Social anxiety disorder greatly reduces the quality of a person’s life. People who suffer from social anxiety miss out on so much that life has to offer. Opportunities are greatly limited, because the person who suffers from social anxiety cannot take advantage of any opportunity that might require social interaction – and most opportunities in life do require some sort of social interaction.-

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