Facing Procrastination

How many times have you procrastinated or put things off because you have dreaded doing them? Or just found that other things keep getting in the way and stopping you doing that one thing you must do today? In my experience whenever I have done  this, the thing I had to do has always been easier than I imagined it. Our imaginations are very good at creating the worst case scenario or making the task seem more difficult.

After the task is accomplished I often think that was easier than I though it would be. I’d imagined the task to be much more complicated, more time-consuming and to challenge me much more etc. The next time you find yourself putting something off, procrastinating or just outright avoiding doing something, ask yourself why?

Ask yourself if you have imagined it will take too long, be too complicated, cause you too much stress etc. Then do some gentle tapping to help you let go of these things your imagination is putting in the way of you completing your task.

Example tapping statements:

  • Even though I don’t have enough time to do this task, it’ll take way too long and demand too much of me, I accept my feelings anyway
  • Even though I’m procrastinating over this task, I choose to let go of all my worries and concerns about it
  • Even though I keep finding myself doing lots of other things instead of that one thing I know I really need to do, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I know I really should do that task, I feel far too stressed to actually start it right now and I’m willing to accept all my feelings about this
  • Even though my imagination has made this task into a monster, I choose to go easy on myself and trust I can do it

Remember to tap using your own words whenever possible. Really tune in to how you feel and why you keep putting your tasks off. Keep tapping until you feel all your fears, worries, doubts etc have gone and you feel ready to do your task.

You can use your imagination to imagine your task is now really easy to complete. But always tap away any fears, doubts, worries and stress first.

Keep tapping
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5 thoughts to “Facing Procrastination”

  1. Synchronicity at work here. 🙂 At the weekend I was at a mentoring day, and the theme that arose was that of procrastination or prevarication and resistance. We did some interesting work, and your suggestions here are all useful as well. Thank you.


  2. Glad you found it useful Karen. Please feel free to share your experiences or suggestions. If you write a blog article yourself about this, please do share it here.

  3. Just thought I’d leave a note to say Thank You…
    I work in IT where everything is switched on, 24 hours a day. This makes it very hard to prioritise and I end up doing something else because I’m overwhelmed…
    Your tapping statements really help me to feel better, which takes away the overwhelm, which then allows me to prioritise again!

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