Clearing Your Clutter

Is clutter the bain of your life? It’s all that stuff that you mean to sort out one day. Except that one day never seems to come does it? You know the kind of stuff right? Your magazines, photos, paperwork, bills, the kids toys, old gadgets, presents, clothes, knick knacks etc. It gets sorted into piles and left until another time. Then time passes and you get used to walking around that pile or even moving it off the dining table so you can eat and then pop it back again when you’re done.


It takes an effort to clear our clutter. It takes energy. It takes our emotions for quite often there are sentimental feelings about our clutter.

This isn’t the only type of clutter though. We have email clutter – just think when was the last time you had a good sort out of your inbox? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails that you get? It could be time to de-clutter your inbox and free yourself of those negative feelings when you check your email.

There is also thought clutter too. When we get overwhelmed by different ideas and thoughts. So you can also de-clutter your mind and write your ideas and thoughts down to free you to be more inspired.

If the idea of de-cluttering makes you break out into a sweat then use EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques to help you with this resistance.

Try the following setup statements:

  • Even though the thought of de-cluttering makes me break out into a sweat, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though it takes too much energy and I feel emotionally drained after de-cluttering, what if I found it easy and felt energised afterwards instead
  • Even though I keep putting off de-cluttering because of the hassle factor, I know how much better I’ll feel after I’ve done it

Tap through your resistance. Tap on any emotions you feel about de-cluttering such as anxiety, fear or sadness about letting your things go.

As well as feeling less overwhelmed yourself you can help out other people. You can donate things to charity, recycle or swap items easily through different websites. Just think how good you’ll feel when you’ve de-clutttered your home and inbox. Your energy and inspiration can flow easily!

Keep tapping!
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