3 Ways to Enhance Your Sports Performance

Here are 3 ways to Enhance Your Sports Performance:

  1. Release the negatives
  2. Tap in the positives
  3. Aid your recovery

1. Release the Negatives

We all know that what we think about our performance, affects our performance. So you’ve got to get into your thinking and discover what it is that you are thinking before your event.

Do you visualise yourself winning or succeeding?

If not – then why not? What are you visualising instead?

Do you picture yourself failing? Do you think I didn’t do too well last time? Do you dwell on your mistakes or failures? If so, you are setting yourself up for more of the same!

I’d like to show you a way of using EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques to really empower yourself for winning and success.

Firstly, address your negative thoughts, self doubts, mistakes etc. Now this stage could take some time – so don’t rush it. Try writing down all of the things you think, feel and picture and work on them one by one. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • Even though I always focus on what I did wrong during my last race, I’m open to accepting myself anyway
  • Even though that last game I played, I didn’t do my best, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I keep playing over that last race in my mind and everything I did wrong, I’m open to releasing this and focussing on what I did right

Ok, I hope you get the idea. Tap on all the negatives until you have cleared them all. It really is a good idea to write a list down and work your way through it to ensure you get everything.

2. Tap in the Positives

Now, focus on creating a positive visualisation of you in the future. Visualise your race, event, game etc going the best it possibly could. Turn up the colours and make them bright and vivid. Increase the sounds around you if they are important (e.g. cheering from the audience). Turn up the feelings in your body. Make them intense so you really feel good.

Now come up with a summary of your positive visualisation e.g. My perfect race, my game going just as I planned etc. You can now use EFT to tap in the positive visualisation. Repeat the tapping starting at the eyebrow and finishing on top of your head:

Eyebrow: My perfect race
Side of Eye: My perfect race
Under Eye: My perfect race

My Perfect Race

Use this visualisation and tapping routine often!

3. Aid Your Recovery

If you have an injury then you can use Emotional Freedom Techniques to help your body recover. If there are any negative emotions associated with your injury then work on those. You can also work on your physical injury using EFT being as specific as possible. So if you have strained your gluteal muscle then tap on that. E.g.

  • Even though I have strained this gluteal muscle and it’s causing me pain, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I have this strained gluteal muscle, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though this right gluteal muscle is hurting like hell, I accept myself anyway

You can also address any frustrations that you have about your injury. E.g.

  • Even though this strained gluteal muscle is frustrating me because I can’t train and I really want to get back to my program, I accept all of me anyway
  • Even though this gluteal muscle is taking way to long to heal, I accept my body is trying it’s best

Keep on tapping until you have fully recovered. Please be sensible and allow yourself to recover from your injuries rather than trying to use EFT to dull the pain and doing it anyway.

Enjoy your enhanced sports performance!

Happy tapping!