Having a Choice

A really powerful way of working with EFT is to use the Choice Method.  This method was developed by Dr Patricia Carrington, a clinical psychologist.  This method is great to do when your intensity level has dropped to 3 or below (that way most of the negative has already been dealt with).

Firstly choose a statement that you would like to believe that is related to the problem that you are working on.  For example, if you were working on your fear of public speaking then you could choose to feel calm and confident.  So the set up statement could be:

  • Even though I’m nervous about speaking in front of people I choose to remain surprisingly calm and confident (repeat 3 times) 

 Then during the tapping phase you can either tap on each point repeating the problem (negative) e.g. nervous speaking in front of people, or repeat the choice statement (positive) e.g. I choose to remain surprisingly calm and confident.

You can also do the Choices Trio:

  • Round 1 – repeat the negative reminder phrase on each point (e.g. nervous speaking in front of people)
  • Round 2 – repeat the positive reminder phrase on each point (e.g. I choose to remain surprisingly calm and confident)
  • Round 3 – alternate. Repeat the negative first starting at the eyebrow (EB), then repeat the positive starting at the side of the eye (SE) and keep swapping negative, positive until you end on the crown of the head with a positive.

When creating your positive statements always ensure the following:

1. Be specific in what you want

2. Create pulling choices e.g. I choose to surprise myself by ……  or I choose to find it surprisingly easy to believe in myself

3. Go for the best possible outcome

4. Always state your choice in the positive (i.e. don’t use I choose to not get upset)

5. Do not choose for others – this is about you! It’s an expression of your free will.  e.g. I choose to feel appreciated by my boss rather than I choose for my boss to appreciate me

6. Make choices that are easily pronounced (and preferably not too long)

If you find yourself saying “ah yes but….” to a choice you have made then use EFT to tap on these negatives or deal with the “yes but” in the choice.

Choices are a powerful way of working with EFT, I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do.

Keep tapping!

Louise Woods
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