Do I have to Tap?

Quite simply the answer is no. If you have tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and found that you don’t actually like the tapping sensation then there are alternatives.

  • Rub each spot instead. Repeat the tapping statements as you gently rub each spot. Always use a pressure that feels right for you.
  • Touch and Breathe (TAB) is another option – touch each spot and repeat your tapping statement. Then with your fingers still in place, take an easy breath. This is a slower almost meditative form of EFT (developed by psychologist Dr John Diepold).
  • Imagine tapping the spots as you repeat your tapping statements. This is a great way to work when you feel stressed, anxious etc in public. Just imagine you are tapping on the points whilst mentally repeating the statements.

EFT is truly a flexible transformational tool. Experiment to see which method works best for you – tapping, rubbing, touching or imagining. Personally I use a combination of these depending on the situation. If I’m in public and don’t want to be seen tapping, then I imagine the tapping.

Often I will use TAB before going to bed or in bed. This is very slow, meditative and calming – ideal to help you get a good night’s sleep. If a particular tapping point is a bit sore – I will often rub it rather than tapping on it.

Experiment and see what feels right for you.

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