Soundz Magic Sound Bath

Last night I had a truly amazing experience. I attended the first CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) meeting in Kingskerswell, Devon. Martyn Rudin of Soundz Magic did a demonstration involving tibetan singing bowls, Paiste Symphonic Gong, Shruti Box (a small harmonium) and voice. We sat comfortably in our chairs and closed our eyes. Martyn started the sound bath by striking the tibetan bowls. The layers of sounds was amazing. He mentioned learning to really listen. As I sat there, I withdrew my senses and lost touch with everything but the sound and vibration. The intensity of the gong was wonderful. The room we were in was quite small and the gong reverberated around the room so at one point it felt like it coming from behind us. Martyn finished the sound bath with the shruti box and his voice. He chanted the Gayatri mantra (one of my favourites) and I had tingles going up and down my spine. He followed this with other mantras and singing.

We then had the opportunity to play the singing bowls ourselves and I picked up a few tips and will definitely be playing my bowl more often. This was a truly magical experience and one I will definitely be doing again. Music and sound truly move us and have been used for healing, ceremonies and special occasions since time began. It was fantastic to experience this sound bath and I’d highly recommend trying it.

Checkout Martyn Rudin of Soundz Magic to find out more.