Persistence is the Key

Here’s the rub. You hear about this strange-sounding technique called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. You discover lots of people have helped themselves or been helped by a practitioner and the more you read the more you think – I’ll give that a go myself!  Then you read about those 1 minute wonders and think that will happen for me too.

As an experienced practitioner, I’d say those 1 minute wonders don’t happen very often. Many people try EFT for a couple of rounds and think, ah it’s not working for me and give up.

Well EFT does work. Often it is our persistence that is the key. So my advice is to keep tapping! Here’s some tips to help you, if you were expecting a 1 minute wonder that didn’t happen!

  1. Always do your SUDS level – just think how do I feel about this issue on a scale of 0 to 10? Where 0 is no intensity and 10 is maximum intensity.
  2. Start tapping on your issue and keep going!
  3. After each round or two, re-check your SUDS level.
  4. Keep tapping until you are down to 0.
  5. If you get stuck try saying “Even though I’m stuck on this issue at a 3 (insert your number), I deeply and completely accept myself and choose to easily get it down to a 0”.

You can tap for your frustration if things aren’t moving as quickly as you like. You can also tap for the issue being more complicated than you expected. I’m sure you’re getting the idea now that you can pretty much tap on anything and everything!

Remember that working by ourselves it is often difficult to see our own problems. We can’t see the wood through the trees. So get some help. Preferably from an experienced practitioner like myself. Even a friend will help though – they should help you see things you can’t yourself.

In a future blog post (watch this space) I will list out some fantastic questions that can help you discover the root cause of your problem. With EFT we often peel away the layers as we tap. What we end up tapping on, maybe completely different to what we started on. All that matters though is that we persistently and gently keep working until we get to that root cause. Once we find that true healing takes place.

So always remember to be persistent and keep tapping!

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