Switching Activities

We all experience times when we have many things demanding our attention. All these different activities to be done. It can be difficult to prioritise. There are many ways of doing this and we are all guilty at times of doing the ‘nice to do’ pile before the ‘must do’ and ‘should do’ piles!

I recommend reading Stephen Covey’s excellent book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. In it he details how to prioritise starting with the ‘Important, Urgent’ list. Next up is ‘Important, Not Urgent’, then ‘Not Important, Urgent’ pile (e.g. interruptions) and finally the ‘Not Important, Not Urgent’ list (which you shouldn’t really waste time with!).

Lately, I have managed to prioritise my tasks and also to plan them in my day. What I have been struggling with, is getting my head out of one space or task and shifting it to the next. So I decided to do some tapping on it and it really helped.  You can also use EFT if you find prioritising and planning difficult.

Here is the script I used to help shift me. I hope that you find it useful too.

  • Even though I find it hard to switch tasks, I accept my feelings about this
  • Even though I struggle to switch my head space, I’m open to letting it be easy
  • Even though it’s difficult to switch from one task and onto another, what if I could let it be easy

Eyebrow: It’s so difficult to switch between tasks
Side of eye: I find it so hard to swap my head from task to task
Under eye: It’s hard to switch from one task to another
Under nose: I wish it were easy for me swap tasks
Chin: I find my previous task stays in my mind
Collarbone: I hate switching between tasks
Under arm: It’s so difficult switching tasks
Top of head: I find it hard to get going on my new task

Eyebrow: I’m open to the possibility of it being easier
Side of eye: Maybe I can let it be easy
Under eye: What if I found it easy to switch between tasks
Under nose: Letting it be easy
Chin: Maybe I can do this easily
Collarbone: It doesn’t have to be hard
Under arm: I can relax about this
Top of head: Letting it be easy to switch tasks

Remember to tap until you feel the issue has been fully resolved. EFT is a wonderful help to me and I love sharing the ways I use it. It helps my clients and other people use it in ways they might not have thought of.

Keep tapping!
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