Technology Troubles

Today I wanted to shout and scream at my laptop. In fact at one point I was almost ready to toss it out the window! Technology is a marvelous thing – when it works! 🙂 But it can be really frustrating when it doesn’t! In this digital age we always connected via our computers, smart phones etc. Whilst it can be a good thing it can also work against us to.

We can feel increased levels of stress at home with work emails pinging on our phone. If we can’t connect or something goes wrong it can be very stressful especially when we have strict deadlines. So whilst tapping can’t fix your technology troubles (hey it’s not that magic!) it can help calm your stress levels, anger, frustration, anxiety etc.

So step away from the technology – maybe go outside & connect with the real world & do some tapping 🙂

  • I’m so stressed right now
  • I can’t ever switch off
  • I’m really frustrated with my laptop
  • Why does it always go wrong when I have a strict deadline
  • Technology really frustrates me
  • I’m so stressed with my laptop right now
  • Firefox keeps crashing
  • I’m getting way too many emails
  • I never get proper down time
  • I’m always on the go
  • I’m addicted to my technology

I definitely need this tapping today…Firefox crashed halfway through my blog post! Tap, tap, tap.

Keep tapping