Tapping In The Mirror

Tapping by ourselves can be difficult.  It can be tricky to get past our inner protector and bypass our resistance of “not going where we need to”. So how do we get around that? Well one idea that works for me is to sit in front of a mirror and tap. Just doing this, looking at ourselves deeply can bring issues to the surface. Tap on what comes up.

Tap in the mirror

Another approach is to use the reflection as the Therapist and the real you as the Client. Have your Therapist ask your Client what the issue is or what is holding you back from working on it? What is the benefit of keeping this issue? What is the downside of letting it go?

Working on our identity or self image issues is quite profound using this technique. What is it that you see? What don’t you like about your body? Which parts do you wish you could change? All of these ideas can help us when we are stuck.

Of course you can always find an experienced EFT Practitioner like me to work with. But if that’s not possible then mirror tapping can be a great help.

Keep tapping