This Video May Make You Cry

I know for the past month you’ve been hearing all about this weird “tapping” thing and the Tapping World Summit.

If you’re not sure about this tapping thing I think you should watch this video about how EFT is being used to help a group of people who have gone through some seriously traumatic events..

All I can say is…Wow!  Absolutely amazing…

There’s an opportunity to help yourself and help the people shown in the video if you choose to.

You see, if you choose to purchase the MP3’s or CD’s of the 2012 Tapping World
Summit today 100% of your purchase price will go to help the people shown in
the video.

That’s right…100%.  The folks over at the Tapping Solution will pay for all of
the product costs and actually lose money just to make this happen.

I think it shows what they’re all about, which is spreading EFT and helping people to heal, grow and improve their life in every way possible.

Check out the video and pick up the summit today.  You’ll be glad you did.
And so will the hundreds of children shown in the video…


Keep tapping
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