Silence is Golden – Tapping Without Words

One of the most common things clients struggle with EFT is how to find the “right” words to use. Well there are no “right” words as I have written about in the past. In fact, we can tap without using any words at all.

This happened in a client session recently. The client was playing back certain memories in their head. I was tapping on their hand, allowing them to be fully present on the memory and feelings going on for them. Intuitively I knew that me asking them to start saying words would bring them out of their memory. So I just gently kept tapping and focusing on breathing.

After awhile I felt that they had reached a place where I could check in with them. I reassured the client that just focusing on the memory whilst I was tapping was just perfect in that moment. I was then able to question the client to check how the emotions were feeling now.

The session continued in this way until the client felt no more emotion and could play back the memory without feeling triggered in any way. So remember the words are just designed to help us stay tuned in the memory/emotion/pain etc. If you are right there in your memory/emotion/pain then you don’t need the words – keep focused on the sensations and keep tapping until you have completely resolved the issue.

The main things to remember about EFT are to be specific, focused and persistent!

Until next time!

Keep tapping
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