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Would You Like To Achieve Emotional Freedom? 

Are Stress, Anxiety Or Panic Attacks Causing You Misery? 

I would love to help you beat your stress, overcome your anxiety and put an end to your panic attacks.  If you are having relationship problems, I can help you deal with the emotional issues and get your relationship back on track.  If you are limited by a fear or phobia, just imagine how much more you will get out of life if you let me help you put it behind you.

Louise Woods Devon EFTMy name is Louise Woods and I hope to inspire you to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as it is commonly referred to. I’m an EFT practitioner who loves to share the gift of EFT with others. EFT has helped me let go of years of stress, fears, relationship problems and much more. I would be honoured to teach you EFT so that you can get the benefits I have experienced.

Try EFT for yourself or give me a call and let me help you now. I offer telephone sessions worldwide or face to face sessions in Devon.

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This site represents the views and ways of working with EFT of Louise Woods and not necessarily those of Gary Craig. Gary Craig’s original version of EFT and complete training can be found at http://www.emofree.com/