What brings you Joy?

Just wanted to share the joy I felt today. It really felt that spring has sprung. I went out for a walk first thing and it was quite chilly. Later on I visited a nearby park to see if the spring flowers were out…and they were.

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the crocuses and snowdrops were out in abundance 🙂 My favourite the daffodils weren’t yet poking their heads out!

I spent some time walking & pondering the magnificence of nature. I felt true gratitude for the flowers, trees, birds, sun and blue sky. So that got me thinking about what else brings me joy and how I can cultivate that feeling on a regular basis.

So spend a few minutes thinking about what brings you joy. Decide to seek out the things, people or places that bring you joy. Appreciate them and they will show up more in your life.

If you are feeling a lack of joy in your life at the moment, then acknowledge that too and tap on whatever is causing that. Your life might be difficult at the moment, but if you could notice some little things that bring you joy, you might just begin to feel better.

Wishing you more joy in your world.

Keep tapping.