Frozen with Fear?

Are you frozen with fear? Is your fear keeping you stuck?

Is your fear stopping you from enjoying relationships?

Is your fear stopping you from being a success in your business?

Does your fear stop you doing things, going places, flying?

Has the fear of your fear taken over your life?

Well now it’s time to conquer your fear. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you overcome your fear. You can tap on all the aspects of your fear – the thoughts you have, the feelings you get and what your fear stops you doing.

Firstly, what does your fear look like? What sounds are associated with your fear?

What do you say to yourself when you think of your fear?

Where do you feel your fear in your body?

Now, write down your answers and use this information to help you release your fear. On a scale of 0 – 10 (where 10 is the worst fear), what is your fear score?

Below is a general tapping script addressing a fear of flying.

Fear of flying

Follow along and use your fear, thoughts, words, body feelings where appropriate.  This script will help you get idea of how to tap on your fear.

  • Even though I’m terrified of flying, I accept how I feel about this
  • Even though I’m so scared of flying, I feel so unsafe and out of control, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I get this tight knot in the pit of my stomach if I just think about flying, I accept myself anyway

Eyebrow: I’m so scared of flying, I get this tight knot in my stomach
Side of Eye: I’m terrified of flying
Under Eye: I get terrible tight knot in my stomach when I think of flying
Under Nose: I’m so scared of flying
Under Chin: I hate feeling this tight knot in my stomach
Collarbone: I really don’t want to feel this fear
Under Arm: I’m so scared of flying
Top of Head: I’m terrified of flying

Ok, now take a nice easy breath.  Rate your fear again. Repeat the tapping until your score is down to 0.

There may be different aspects to your fear, different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up your fear as it were. So it is important to tap on each aspect in turn. For example, with our flying fear you may have to address the following aspects:

  • Fear of crashing
  • Noise of the engines
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of confined spaces
  • Feeling trapped
  • Feeling out of control
  • Not being able to see straight ahead
  • Vibration of the aeroplane

There could be lots of different aspects to your fear, so keep tapping until each aspect is down to 0. When you think you are done, you need to test. Visualise the thing that you were scared of. So again with our example, visualise arriving at the airport, getting your boarding card, checking in, getting onto the plane, taking your seat, putting on your seat belt, aeroplane taxi-ing to the runway, the plane taking off, etc. Visualise it as vividly as possible and keep checking in with yourself to ensure no fear is left as each stage. This ensures you haven’t missed any aspects with your tapping. If you can vividly imagine without any feelings coming up then you are ready for a real life test. Remember to be careful and not put yourself in any danger when you do this!

Enjoy your new-found freedom!

If you have a fear that you would like some help with, please contact me for a session. I work with Skype/phone anywhere in the world or face to face in Cardiff and Devon, UK.

Keep tapping!