Janey Lee Grace – Is an EFT Convert

Janey Lee Grace – author and Radio 2 presenter (Steve Wright’s afternoon show), is now an EFT convert too! Janey is an avid holistic and alternative therapy advocate. Her website http://www.imperfectlynatural.com/ provides a wealth of information on topics from natural health to EMFs.

Janey had experienced EFT in the past – in combination with other treatments and always thought it was the other therapies that worked not the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

That all changed when Janey attended an EFT Level 1 course. During the day she explored a traumatic experience from the past that resulted in a phobia. Janey discovered one of the most beneficial aspects of EFT – that you don’t actually have to reveal to the practitioner what that trauma or phobia is! EFT is a very gentle technique and limits any further trauma.

To read the article see Janey’s blog:


I look forward to hearing more of Janey’s journey with EFT!

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