You’ve Got To Move It

How much time do you spend sat down? For many of us, it’s way too much! It can be hard to remember to get up and move about during our day. We often spend a large part of the day sat in our car, desk chair and sofa! We need to move though. We weren’t designed to be sat still for hours on end. Recent studies show the negative effects of long periods of sitting include reduced electrical activity of our muscles, increased LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), increased insulin resistance, weight gain, reduced concentration etc.

Sitting at desk
Desk worker

It can be hard to remember to move when we are busy working and concentrating. However, getting up and moving will help us concentrate better – moving pumps fresh blood and oxygen to our brain – releasing brain and mood enhancing chemicals. When we sit still our brain function slows (ever have that afternoon fog?).

So get up every half hour and walk around. Go to the photocopier, make yourself a drink, talk to a colleague rather than emailing them etc.

Make sure you get 30 mins moderate exercise a day (e.g. walking).

If you find it hard to move your body then try some tapping, e.g.

  • Even though I find it hard to move during my busy day, I choose to remember to look after my body
  • Even though it’s hard to remember to move, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I forget to move and feel stiff and sore, I choose to be more active
  • Even though my shoulders and neck feel stiff and tense, I choose to stretch and move during my day
  • Even though I find it hard to fit in any exercise, I choose to make time to look after my body

You can help yourself by setting a reminder on your computer or phone to get off your butt! Just standing for a few minutes and stretching or walking away from your desk will help.

WalkingIf you’d like some help with this, then do get in touch with me.

Keep tapping (and moving)
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