How To Handle Change

One thing that is guaranteed in this world is change.  Sometimes it’s a change that we want and welcome.  Other times we have changes forced upon us and we fight them.  Even when it’s a change we want, we can experience resistance and negative emotions.  How do we deal with all of that?  EFT is there for us as usual, right at our fingertips.  Here’s a tapping script that you might find useful to help you cope with change.

Tap on the Karate Chop spot on either hand whilst repeating out loud these 3 setups (or change the words to suit your situation):

  • Even though this change feels so hard and uncomfortable, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I didn’t want this change and I don’t want to have to deal with it, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel
  • Even though this change feels so difficult and I want things to stay the way they are, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel

Eyebrow: This change is so difficult and uncomfortable
Side of eye: I’m so upset by this change
Under eye: I don’t want this change
Under nose: I didn’t choose this change
Chin: Changes never work out for me
Collarbone: I’m so resistant to this change
Under arm: I wish this change didn’t have to happen
Top of head: Why can’t things stay the same?

Repeat the above several times or change the words to suit how you feel, until you feel a reduction in the intensity. If you feel ready you can tap on these statements which focus on the solution:

Eyebrow: Maybe this change will be easier
Side of eye: Maybe this time the change is for the best
Under eye: What if this time it’ll be easier
Under nose: What if things work out ok for me this time
Chin: What if things go my way
Collarbone: What if it turns out even better than I expected
Under arm: What if it does work out for me
Top of head: What if this change turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to me

Repeat the tapping as necessary and use your own words where appropriate.  Tap on the specific changes that are happening in your life and how you feel about them, until you feel calmer and able to handle the situation.

Keep tapping!
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Even though I’m worried of having a panic attack and not being able to handle it I choose to know I can get through it and feel normal again quickly


Even though I can’t handle having a panic attack and just want to take a tablet and go to bed to sleep it off, I choose to know it will pass and I can get through it


Even though I hate the feeling in my legs when I’m feeling anxious and having a panic attack I choose to get through it quickly and feel calm and normal again easily and quickly


Eyebrow: I worry I’ll have a panic attack

Side of Eye: I hate having these panic attacks

Under Eye: I wish I didn’t have these panic attacks

Under Nose: I hate feeling anxious

Chin: I can’t stand my legs feeling like jelly

Collarbone: I want to take a tablet and sleep it off when it starts

Under Arm: I just want to get away from these feelings

Crown of head: I just want it to be over


Now tap on the positives:

Eyebrow: I choose to be able to handle these strange feelings

Side of Eye: I know I’m ok even though I feel like this

Under Eye: I can get through this easily

Under Nose: My legs will feel normal again quickly

Chin: I know these feelings will pass quickly

Collarbone: It’ll all be over soon and I’m ok anyway

Under Arm: I choose to be able to handle these panic attacks

Crown of head: I can get through these panic attacks easily and quickly