Food Cravings

If you want to lose weight, you inevitably end up trying a diet.  People on diets often live with lack and also guilt. Lack because there are certain foods that you are not “allowed” to eat, or you are only allowed a certain amount of calories, or “sins”.  Guilt often comes up from indulging in eating something on your banned list. Neither of these emotions are helpful for losing weight.

Many people find EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) very helpful with food cravings.

Firstly think about the food you are craving, e.g. chocolate.  Next score your craving on a scale of 0 to 10 (where 10 is really high craving). Then try the following script using your food craving, if it is not chocolate. If you have more than one food, then concentrate on one particular food at a time. Be specific. For example, if it is chocolate digestive biscuits then use that rather than chocolate or biscuits.

Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

  • Even though I really crave chocolate, I accept how I feel
  • Even though I really want to eat lots of chocolate and I just love the taste of it, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I can’t stop thinking about chocolate, I deeply and completely accept myself and all my feelings about chocolate

Eyebrow: I’m really craving chocolate
Side of Eye: I can’t stop thinking about chocolate
Under Eye: Why can’t I stop thinking about chocolate
Under Nose: I love eating chocolate
Under Chin: Nothing satisfies me like chocolate
Collarbone: I want to eat chocolate now
Under Arm: Chocolate is always on my mind
Top of Head: When I eat it, I feel guilty

Eyebrow: This chocolate craving
Side of Eye: Chocolate is my friend
Under Eye: Chocolate satisfies my needs
Under Nose: I’m a chocolate addict
Under Chin: I love chocolate
Collarbone: I’m dreaming of eating chocolate
Under Arm: I really want chocolate
Top of Head: I have this strong craving for chocolate

Eyebrow: What if I could stop craving chocolate
Side of Eye: Maybe I can enjoy eating more healthy food instead
Under Eye: What if chocolate just didn’t do it for me anymore
Under Nose: Maybe I can feel satisfied in other ways
Under Chin: What if I just wasn’t that bothered by chocolate anymore
Collarbone: I can give it a miss
Under Arm: What if I didn’t feel like eating chocolate now
Top of Head: What if I can easily choose to eat healthy foods

Check your score again.  If you are not down to zero, keep repeating the tapping until you are down to zero.  Try testing your craving by finding some chocolate (or your food). Look at it.  Does it still look appealing?  Smell it. Does it still smell appealing? Try tasting it? Does it still taste good?  Often, you will not like the look, smell or taste of your food after tapping on it.  If you still want it, or want it more after this testing, then repeat the tapping again. 

Remember to keep tapping until your craving subsides completely.  Repeat the exercise for other food cravings.

Here is a video of me tapping for food cravings. Try tapping along with me, anytime you have a food craving.

Keep tapping until you no longer crave these foods. Also try tapping on any feelings of guilt etc that come up if you do eat foods that you are avoiding.

Happy tapping.

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  1. This is much more a psychology article, and it’s very good indeed. I had craving problems and when I went to a psy in order to help me, he told me pretty much the same things as in your article. And it worked!

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