What No Chocolate Desire!

Ok, it’s been a few weeks since I created my food cravings video and blog post. I just wanted to give you some of my feedback since that blog & video. Whilst I do love chocolate, I wouldn’t say I felt I had a problem with chocolate. Sometimes I’d really fancy it and other times I could take it or leave it. I would get a craving for it at certain times of the month, like a lot of women. My boyfriend would even joke with me at those times if I was getting a bit grouchy and say “quick it’s time to break out the emergency chocolate”!!!

I can report that I didn’t have any of that this past month. No chocolate cravings. No feeling grouchy before my period.

I have also just completed my usual January detox again and usually have a bit of craving for certain food afterwards, chocolate being one of  them. I finished my detox and didn’t feel like chocolate. I just wanted to carry on eating really healthily like I had been for the past month.

Hmmm, I was thinking what’s different? Then I remembered. I’d created that blog & video!  Could that be it? It seemed too simple. I didn’t create that blog & video for me – I wasn’t tapping on my stuff…or was I?

Whilst I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing, it sure is interesting. So maybe a word of warning would be – don’t tap on your food cravings unless you’re sure you don’t want to eat that food again!

I love EFT and the wonderful ways it works. Happy tapping!

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