Losing Weight The Easy (EFT) Way

So you’d like to lose weight. You’ve tried the low-carb, low GI, calorie controlled and even the cabbage soup diet (yuck!). You’ve yo-yoed up and down, maybe even putting on more weight than you lost the last time. So how about you try something completely different this time? Something that’s a little weird and strange-looking.

Well if you’re willing to try a bit of “Tapping” or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) then you could just transform your relationship with food forever. Paul McKenna is famous for his weight loss books and programs and his technique is a ‘close relative’ of EFT.

EFT involves gentle tapping on natural comfort points on the body, that you can do yourself. It’s simple and easy to learn. EFT has been very successful for people who want to lose weight. It works without pills, measuring calories, counting “sins” or any other props.

EFT typically produces quick results. It also empowers people by allowing them to help themselves whenever they feel a craving for a particular food. In short, it helps put you in control of your relationship with food and allows you to naturally choose healthier options.

EFT can help address all the negative emotions that often accompany over-eating. Working with a Practitioner ensures all aspects of the client’s relationship with food are addressed. EFT works by tuning into the problem, as certain points on the face and body are tapped, thus clearing the blockage associated with that emotion. Certain statements are repeated to help the client tune in to the problem. The statement contains an element of acknowledging the problem and accepting the self despite the problem. This is often a key piece. The tapping is repeated until the emotion or feeling subsides. The client is encouraged to tune in themselves and use their own words to describe their feelings.

As a first step, EFT is a fantastic way of controlling any cravings that you may have. People are often surprised at how effective EFT is at helping them control their cravings. After a few rounds of EFT, the craving typically disappears and the object they were previously craving can appear less appetising or even repulsive! EFT statements follow a pattern of:

  • Even though I feel {name problem} I accept myself anyway or
  • Even though I have {this problem} I accept myself anyway

So with cravings the following types of statements are often used:

  • Even though I really crave this chocolate bar, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I have this strong craving for a cream doughnut, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I crave ice-cream at night, I accept myself anyway

This is a wonderful way to get started with EFT. It is the beginning of the process of putting you back in control. Following on from this, we begin to look at all the emotions involved with eating. Many people eat because they are avoiding certain emotions and they use food to stuff down their feelings. Some people feel empty inside and use food to help fill their loneliness or sadness.

The following EFT statements relate to the emotions involved when we eat food:

  • Even though I eat when I’m bored, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I eat cakes to avoid my feelings…
  • Even though I use food to soothe myself…
  • Even though I stuff myself when I’m angry…
  • Even though I eat too much when I’m lonely…

By focusing on these thoughts whilst tapping on the specific energy points, the emotions are calmed and the energy system balanced. Leaving you feeling in control and able to think clearly about what you want to eat and why.

EFT can also be used to address any feelings of shame or guilt after you’ve eaten too much. Examples:

  • Even though I feel guilty for eating that whole packet of biscuits…
  • Even though I’m ashamed I ate a whole tub of ice-cream…

We’ll then explore the feelings that surround their family and childhood experiences. These are often major factors in our relationship with food as an adult. Examples:

  • Even though my Mum always gave me biscuits when I was sad…
  • Even though my Dad said I should eat every morsel on my plate because of the starving children in Africa…
  • Even though my Mum and I always ate cakes whenever Dad was mad…

Following on from this we’ll look at all the things that are preventing them from losing weight. These are very individual and may range from feeling unsafe if they were thinner to feeling like they don’t deserve to be happy with their figure. Many people feel like they would have too much pressure on them to keep the weight off and this is a major psychological block.

We may also look at any specific incidents from the past where the client used food to soothe their emotions and this can be very revealing as to why food is presently used in this way. These earlier events can then be tapped on to clear them from the system. I also get my clients to visualise themselves in the future, weighing their goal weight and get them to tap on any doubts, fears or anxieties that come up.

As yo-yo dieting and starving after bingeing slow down the metabolism, we will also if necessary tap on their slow metabolism or use a positive affirmation such as “my metabolism is speeding up”. This can be very empowering.

I give my clients “tapping homework” to do in between sessions. The client is then empowered to help themselves whenever they have a craving or recognise a negative emotion and the results are usually quicker with continued tapping.
It is possible to learn EFT yourself very quickly and gain good results. However, working with an experienced practitioner who will guide you through the process is often more effective and supportive.

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