Different Christmas

Well this year has sure been a challenging one and I expect it will be a different Christmas. No-one could predict the global pandemic and how long it would go on for. We’ve been in and out of several lockdowns and had to contend with different tiers and family or friends out of sync with us.

What Have You Missed?

What have you missed the most? We might have missed our freedom, being able to eat out, go for a coffee or travel. I have missed my family and friends the most. I have also missed that spontaneity – just being able to pop out to the shop or for a coffee. At the moment I feel I need a checklist before I go out – mask, hand sanitiser etc. Several times I have had to turn around to go back and get a mask!

Appreciate What We Have

There are still lots of things we can appreciate. Our health, our jobs, our family and friends, nature, our home, garden etc. So spend a bit of time towards the end of this weird year, reflecting on what you do have and what you can be grateful for.

Different Christmas
Appreciate Nature this Christmas

Merry Christmas

I know that this year our Christmas and new year celebration might not be what we want or planned. It will be different for sure! We can though, make the most of it and appreciate still being here to celebrate it. If we can’t physically see our family and friends at least we can see them via Zoom etc. So do your best to enjoy yourself and appreciate what you do have. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping that 2021 will bring us all a better year!

Different Christmas
Merry Christmas

I have some space to offer Distance Reiki, EFT or Mindfulness over the Christmas period, so if you need a bit of a boost, then please get in touch.

Stay safe and well.

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