I’ve Left It Too Late…Again!

I know you say it every year to yourself…next year I will start my Christmas shopping and preparation earlier. I’ve done it myself. Well sometimes things come up that you weren’t expecting or time just seems to fly by and before you know it Christmas is only 10 days away and there is still much to do! Stay calm.

Instead of getting stressed or having a flap, why not take some time out and do some tapping. Yes I know you’ve got a million and one other things to do…but 5 or 10 minutes can make a difference! You’ll feel better afterwards and probably be able to think clearer.

Rate your current stress level and then try tapping along with the following:

  • Even though I’ve left things too late again, I’m open to accepting myself anyway
  • Even though I’m feeling stressed because I didn’t start my shopping in time, I’m open to giving myself a break
  • Even though I’m so stressed because I’ve got far too much to do and not enough time, I’m ok

Eyebrow: I should’ve started earlier
Side of Eye: Why do I always leave it to the last-minute
Under Eye: It makes me so stressed every year
Under Nose: It’s so stressful why don’t I plan things better
Chin: I promised myself I’d start earlier this year
Collarbone: Why is it so hard for me to stick to my plans
Under Arm: It’s so stressful at this time of year
Top of Head: I don’t have enough time left to finish all my shopping and preparations

Eyebrow: I’m open to letting it be easier
Side of Eye: Maybe I can get it all done
Under Eye: Maybe if I plan things better, I’ll feel less stressed
Under Nose: What if I got some help
Chin: I can choose to feel different
Collarbone: Maybe I can feel calmer
Under Arm: What if I got myself better organised
Top of Head: I’m open to getting all my shopping done and staying calm

Remember to keep tapping until you feel better. Notice your stress level after the tapping. Focus on any particular aspects that are stressing you out. If it is all the Christmas cards you have to write then tap on that. If it is all the hustle and bustle at the shops that really stresses you out then focus on that. You get the idea – be more specific with your tapping.

I hope your Christmas preparations go well.

Keep tapping!
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