Let the tears flow

Sometimes we face challenges that really push our buttons. We feel like we can’t take any more. I’ve had a week like that. My exhaust breaking was the final straw. I was so upset I burst into tears. Normally something like that would have just upset me a bit, but due to other challenges that are going on right now it pushed me over the edge.

We often hold on to our tears because it isn’t appropriate to cry at work or in public. Or we don’t want to appear weak, emotional or too sensitive etc.

EFT can help us let our emotions and tears flow. Try tapping along to the following:

  • Even though I can’t let myself cry because….{fill in the rest}
  • Even though I’ll seem weak if I cry….
  • Even though I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop crying if I start…..
  • Even though they’ll think I’m so emotional if I cry….
  • Even though they think I’m too sensitive because I cry all the time…
  • Even though I’ll appear to be an emotional wreck if I cry again….
  • Even though men don’t cry….

I certainly felt much better after a good cry and some tapping. It is great to be able to let our emotions out and much healthier than trying to suppress or ignore them. EFT can help us allow our emotions to flow and not to become overwhelmed by them. It can help us accept and acknowledge our feelings and not judge them.

Keep tapping and letting your emotions flow
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