The Cold Bugs are Coming

It’s that time of year again – the weather is getting colder, the nights are getting darker earlier and the cold bugs are coming! If you usually get a cold around this time of year then this one is definitely for you. If you seem to be surrounded by other people who are sniffling and coughing and you want to ensure you don’t end up like them – then this is for you too!

Cold bug

Last year I did some amazing classes with Jan Luther, EFT Master. I felt like I was coming down with a cold and she used this line with me – I’m an excellent bug repellant! I loved it! It really “landed” with me. I immediately pictured my immune system fighting off those bugs – they just bounced right off me. I have since used that line several times when I felt like I was getting a cold and the cold has gone away! Brilliant!

So here’s a tapping script you might want to try yourself.

  • Even though I feel like I’m getting a cold, I’m an excellent bug repellant
  • Even though I really don’t want a cold and I feel like one is coming, I’m open to it disappearing
  • Even though my throat is getting sore and I’m sure I’m going to have a cold, my immune system is strong and can easily fight these bugs

Eyebrow: I’m sure I’m coming down with a cold
Side of eye: I really feel like I’m getting a cold
Under eye: My throat is getting sore
Under nose: I can feel this cold is coming
Chin: I wish I wouldn’t get sick
Collarbone: I hate having a cold
Under arm: I really can’t afford time off work
Top of head: I hate being surrounded by all these people with these cold bugs!

Eyebrow: I can feel this cold coming
Side of eye: It’s that buggy time of year
Under eye: I can feel a bit of a sniffle
Under nose: I’m surrounded by all these cold bugs
Chin: I really don’t want to have a cold again
Collarbone: I can’t stand having a cold and feeling so yucky
Under arm: I don’t want a cold
Top of head: I always get a cold this time of year

Eyebrow: I’m an excellent bug repellant
Side of eye: I can fight off these cold bugs easily
Under eye: My immune system is strong
Under nose: I can kill these bugs easily
Chin: I’m healthy and vibrant
Collarbone: My immune system is strong and healthy
Under arm: I’m going to stay healthy
Top of head: I’m such a good bug repellant

Now focus on any symptoms you already have and tap on those, being as specific as possible. E.g. Even though it feels like there is sandpaper in my throat and it’s all scratchy, I love and accept myself anyway. Keep repeating “I’m an excellent bug repellant”, “my immune system is strong and healthy” etc.

Enjoy fighting off those cold bugs!
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