50% off Promotion – The Tapping Solution

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Nick Ortner (producer of the film) is offering 100% of GROSS sales of “The Tapping Solution” to Dawson Church’s New Study, from now until September 17th! This is an amazing offer and such a valuable research study.

Dawson Church, author of “The Genie in Your Genes” is heading up a research study with 10 war veterans with PTSD, to prove how EFT affects stress genes, the genes that contain the code for stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

What’s more you will be able to listen to a Dawson Church interview for free! Dawson talks about:

  • how stress affects our genes and how EFT can help
  • changes that are likely to come to our health service
  • the story of an Iraqi veteran and how EFT helped

Please help support this very important new research. It can help EFT gain credibility in the mainstream health care system.

Pick up your copy of “The Tapping Solution” right now. It is an incredible film about the amazing benefits of tapping or EFT.  I have watched the film many times and have used it to introduce people to EFT if they have not heard of it before.

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Keep tapping.
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