EFT in the News – Telegraph Article

I always get excited when EFT is mentioned in the media. It helps raise awareness with people who have never heard of it. It can also help those who won’t try anything unless it is covered by a newspaper or national television. Whilst Emotional Freedom Techniques has been around since the early 1990’s there are still many people who haven’t a clue about what it is.

The Telegraph.co.uk article was written by Beverley Turner who attended an EFT course in London. She explains what it was like to attend an EFT course (lack of sandal and kaftan wearing attendees) and relates experiences of some experienced practitioners on topics such as drug problems and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

She mentions celebrities such as Michael Ball and the late Stephen Gately who used EFT for performance anxiety, Lily Allen who credits her weight loss to EFT and professional athletes such as American PGA golfers who use it to improve their game.

To read the article: http://bit.ly/cuzzny

Here’s to hoping EFT will make it into the media on a regular basis and more people will discover this amazing, life changing tool.