Exam Stress

Yes, it’s that time of year again when exams and tests are upon us. Whether it is you going through it or your family, EFT can help you.


EFT works by calming down the stress response in our body and clearing any energy blockages. Even just imagining a future stressful event e.g. an exam can trigger our body to go into the stress response. Our adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol levels raise, our heart rate and respiration increase, our palms become sweaty etc.

So by tapping we can reduce this stress response in our body, allowing us to focus and concentrate better – just what you need in an exam right?  My recommendation is to tap a lot before the exam. You can do this by imagining sitting in the exam room and notice how you feel. Notice the response in your body.


If you feel nervous and have butterflies in your stomach & a tightness in your chest then use that.  Here’s what the tapping statements might look like:

  • Even though I feel nervous and have a tight chest and butterflies in my stomach when I think about doing my exam, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I have a nervous feeling in my stomach as I imagine doing my exam, I choose to let that go
  • Even though I’m nervous and have a tight chest imagining doing my exam, what if it doesn’t have to be like that

Tap through the rounds using a combination of the key feelings and body sensations. Keep tapping and checking in with your bodily reactions.  These may move around your body and the sensations may change as you progress through the tapping rounds.  Keep chasing the sensations until they disappear. When you think you’re done, try to make yourself feel nervous/stressed to clear the issue as much as possible. Imagine the exam as vividly as possible. The idea is that you imagine all the scenarios during the exam, e.g. waiting to go into the room, sitting at your desk, being handed the exam paper, turning the exam paper over, looking around the room, seeing an examiner walk past, getting stuck on a question etc.  Then keep tapping until you can’t feel stressed or worried when you vividly imagine all the aspects or imagining the worst case scenario.

Once all those feelings are cleared you can then imagine feeling calm and doing well in your exam whilst you tap 🙂

Remember you can always use the finger tapping points to very discreetly tap if you do feel nervous or can’t remember something when you’re actually doing your exam.

Keep tapping