Releasing the Past

We know that working on specific events is the most effective and thorough way to get results with EFT. If something is bothering you in the present it is highly likely that there are specific events from your past that you need to clear. Working with EFT is a very effective and gentle way of releasing yourself from the burden of your past.

Release past
Release your past

You could have current beliefs that you formed as a child that no longer serve you. For example, you wouldn’t ask an 8-year-old for advice on money but you probably have beliefs about money that were formed when you were that age or even younger. You might have grown up in a household where money was tight and you learned things like “money is hard to come by” or “rich people are greedy” etc.

So next time something is bothering you, ask yourself what it reminds you of. Try to recall some times in the past when you felt the same way or similar events happened. Then use the Movie technique or tell the story to clear out those old events and release your past. Once you’ve cleared these specific events from your past you will find the present situation no longer bothers you. If it still does, do some more digging and see if there are other past events you need to clear or do some tapping on your current situation.

EFT is a wonderful tool to help us release our past and get rid of beliefs that no longer serve us.

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” —  Dr. Carl Sagan

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